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Helping Teenagers To Stop Smoking

Helping Teenagers To Stop Smoking. For many the first cigarette they smoke is when they are a teenager. This cigarette might be smoked because the teen is trying to fit in with their peers, or they think it is cool and sexy to smoke or maybe because they just want to experiment and feel more mature.

Whatever the reason is those who begin smoking young are more likely to smoke long term. Sometimes kids get caught by their parents who by their disappointment and concern are able to help them quit but all too often their parents are not aware of their new habit because the teen smokes only at school or because he parents are too busy to see.

The medical community worries about teenage smokers and what they are doing to their bodies. They are concerned about young people who might destroy their health because they have started to smoke at such a tender age.

A fifteen year old who starts to smoke, and is an average smoker, will have smoked over a hundred thousand cigarettes by the time they are forty five years old. Think of the damage to their lungs not to mention the incredible amount of money they will have wasted.

Yet, teenagers are hard to reach when it comes to helping them quit smoking. There are no smoking programs geared to teenagers. There are no treatments geared to teenagers.

The normal nicotine replacement treatments are specifically geared to adults so there is no help there and while adults are quitting smoking in numbers higher than previously teenagers are starting in higher numbers than ever.

In the last decade there are twenty five percent more teenagers smoking than previously. Some thought that teenagers were not aware of the damage that could be done by smoking and so that was why they were smoking more. But this is not true.  

Quit Smoking Drug

Be your best supporter by believing in you. Believe that you can be successful. Support your goal by deliberately stating what it is that you dislike about your smoking habit. Admit your dependency on the nicotine and do not underestimate the negative impact it has had on your body.
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Teenagers are aware of the possible problems associated with smoking. They know the risks but it is not stopping them from smoking.

Those in the medical fields have confirmed this and that the schools are teaching programs to educate students about smoking and its dangers.

Yet, they are not listening like they used to. The reasons for the increased concern over teenage smoking are twofold.

First there is the worry that teenagers become addicted to the nicotine much faster and so the cigarette smoking becomes a habit very quickly.

But the other reason is that many fear that cigarette smoking will lead teenagers to experimenting with other things. The medical community fears teenagers will get into experimenting with drugs.

Though this may start with marijuana, trading one smoking habit of another, the real fear is for harder drug use. 

Quick Facts About How To Quit Smoking.

Once you have stopped smoking you have to throw away ash-trays, matches, butts, lighters and everything that has to do with smoking.

And to get rid of all the reminders stock up on air fresheners and do a spring cleaning of your home to remove smells and stains caused by smoking.

Recently a new program was begun to help teens who want to quit smoking. It is a school based program that includes education, group discussions and talks that relate to what kids are worried about and how to help them deal with smoking based on their needs. So far it has a twenty two percent rate of success and still climbing.


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