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Excuses Used To Justify Not Quitting Smoking

Excuses Used To Justify Not Quitting Smoking. For those people who think about quitting but decide that it is not for them it is time for them to examine some of the excuses they use to keep putting cigarettes to their mouths and inhaling those dangerous chemicals.

Every smoker has a reason that they cannot quit yet, but none of them make any more sense than the others. Rationalizing their smoking with irrational excuses does not do them, their health or that of their families any good.

Some smokers will say that smoking helps them to do their jobs better. They believe that if they quit they would become less effective in their jobs.

This is exactly the opposite of reality. Smoking deprives the brain of much needed oxygen and so actually makes it more difficult for a person to concentrate. If there were no cigarettes the person would notice improvements in their work habits not the other way around.

Then there are those smokers who fool themselves about their smoking habit. They claim they are fixing their smoking problem by bringing it down to a safe level.

There is no safe level of smoking. If you are a smoker then you are using something that is unhealthy for you and puts you at risk for a variety of cancers as well as heart and respiratory diseases.

It is just like those smokers you say they do not need to stop because they only smoke low tar and low nicotine cigarettes. This may be true, but researchers have noted that those who smoke these brands usually tend to inhale deeper to get that which their body craves and so, in essence, they are not smoking healthier.  

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All of these places where you used to keep your cigarettes you will now reach to find your list there, reminding you of why you need to quit smoking. Read books from the library or Websites online where they talk about the many diseases smokers are at risk for because they choose to smoke. Read carefully and look at the pictures if any of how old people look when they age prematurely from smoking. These pictures will haunt you until you decide to stop hurting and start helping yourself to a better life. Visit a hospital and take a good luck at those patients who are suffering from lung cancer or have difficulty breathing.
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Those who smoke and have a job that they consider stressful think that smoking helps to calm them down. In actual fact smoking raises the blood pressure, increases the heart rate and makes your breathing more erratic.

If you were to stop smoking it would not take long before you noticed that overall you were more relaxed. Most people notice this benefit within two weeks of quitting. 

How many times has a smoker claimed that they have no willpower and so would never be able to quit. Some three million Americans try to quit each year.

Not everyone succeeds for the long term and with some it takes several times before they quit the habit. But with motivation and hard work anyone can quit smoking if they want to. The key is wanting to.

Quick Facts About How To Quit Smoking.

There is no such thing as ONE cigarette. You have to stop, and stop completely once you make the decision.

If you make the decision to cut down, then that does not make you an ex-smoker.

You have to remember that once you stop can NOT return to your old ways.

For the smoker who has quit but finds themselves having had just one cigarette with a friend do not give up. That one cigarette does not make you a smoker again.

It is enough to realize that you are disappointed and not to take another. Look at the progress you made before you had that cigarette. How many days, or weeks, were you smoke free?

Look at the positive side of your progress and keep going. Do not let one cigarette ruin your quitting efforts. Many smokers in the process of quitting backslide a little.


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