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Dealing With Your Cravings When You Are Quitting Smoking

Dealing With Your Cravings When You Are Quitting Smoking. You have decided to quit smoking. Good for you!

A guaranteed part of the road to a smoke-free life is that getting there will include cravings. You will not be able to avoid those nasty gut-wrenching cravings.

There are some ways to help beat them back though. Here are a few craving fighting tips: The cravings will come and go they are temporary. They shall eventually pass.

When cravings strike is the time to get out your plan and read what to do in this situation. If you took your time in devising your plan it should include all your triggers and what you plan on doing to divert the attention from the craving and onto something more interesting.

Smoking is a oral sensation and during times of stress we tend to want the same things. Keep the following around just incase you need candy. Keep an arsenal of small items to put in the mouth when the cravings hit.

These can include: Hard Candy Raw carrots Sugar free gum Sunflower Seeds Apples Celery Raisins Seeds

Do something physical like washing the dishes, go for a walk, everytime you get a craving. Keeping busy and moving will take your mind off of the results.

Relaxation Exercises: There are many ways to relax even when a craving has you stressed out. Here are some simple ways: Take deep breaths. Slowly breathe in through your nose and then exhale slowly out the mouth. Repeat ten times.

Take a warm calming bath with scented candles and soft music Have a body massage Practice imagery (painting a picture of a calming scene in your mind) Change your scenery by going for a walk Use incense candles to create a mood of serenity

If others are smoking, leave the room or move away from the sight and smell.   

How To Quit Smoking Marijuana

Take each tempting moment one at a time and have a plan for how you will get through each of them and when they present themselves use your plan and conquer each moment, for just that day. Congratulate yourself as you climb into bed and get a good night rest. Think about tomorrow and what will be when tomorrow gets here.
Stop Smoking Programs

Do not give into temptation...just one will make a difference. Avoid those places, people, emotions, or events that trigger your emotions that have always triggered your cravings.

Keep yourself busy. When your mind and body are busy, cravings will not find a release. If absolutely necessary you may use nicotine replacement therapy (gum or patch).

A lot of people find that they need that little extra help when combating cravings.

Realize that cravings will lessen over time and that you absolutely cannot give into them. The prize is so worth the wait. Your plan is essential tool to use for beating cravings.

You have already identified the triggers. Now you know what to avoid. Cravings are a necessary evil and they are understandably difficult to overcome, otherwise it would be so easy for everyone to defeat them.

Constantly update your plan so that you make note of any new triggers.

Quick Facts About How To Quit Smoking.

Next time you have a cigarette, pay attention to how it actually tastes.

Feel the dripping tar make its way into your lungs and feel the halitosis building up.

It's rather disgusting isn't it? Not to mention the heart desperately straining under the dreadful effects of the poisons.

One important tool for success is to build around you a wall of support: family, friends, even co-workers can help you to get over a rough patch.

Let your healthcare provider know if you are encountering difficulty as sometimes you can receive something to keep you informed and motivated.

Keep busy so that you wont have time to pay attention to cravings. Do something physical like power-walking, swimming, jogging.


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