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When Should You Consider a Therapeutic Massage?

When Should You Consider a Therapeutic Massage? Do you feel that a massage is a luxury and something you should only have as a treat to yourself?

Therapeutic massage is a luxury you can enjoy but it is also a great way of relieving pain and promoting range of motion. More than half of the body is made of muscle and their main role is to keep the body moving.

Muscles give the body shape and help to protect internal organs. The tendons are attached to the muscles and the muscles are connected to the brain with nerves. The brain sends the message to the muscles to move. When the muscle moves it causes the muscle to contract and that motion pulls the tendon.

All of these movements are what makes the bones in the body move. Massage therapy is manipulation of the soft tissue of the body including muscles, connective tissue, the skin and tendons.

Perhaps this article will help you understand what therapeutic massage is, the benefits and the risks of receiving a massage. Connective tissue is the soft tissues that surround, separate, and connect the different organs and parts of the body.

What can cause muscles and the connecting tissue to become stiff and sore? There are many things that can do that. Repetitive motions, too much pull on a specific muscle, stress, bad posture, surgery, injuries, and being a couch potato can make your muscles sore and tender.

Manipulating soft tissue, muscles, and other connective tissues are massaged by applying pressure to parts of the body.

Although researchers and scientists are not sure why massage therapy works for some people but there are many recorded evidence of massage working physically, physiologically, and psychologically.  

Physically the pressure of the massage on the skin can loosen stiff muscles. Heat will also help ease the stiffness of sore muscles. Some therapists may use heating pads to heat the muscles and ease the pain.

Therapeutic massage can stimulate the body to release certain chemicals that help improve your mood, improve circulation and help your body expel toxic substances that build up in the muscles.

Psychologically a massage can feel pampered and taken care of. 

It gives a person a feeling of self-worth and helps the client connect with another human. The touch and the contact are important ingredients to the psychology of a persons health and welfare.
There are many types of therapeutic massage based on different techniques and focusing on areas of the body that heightens relaxation and relieves stress.


Theraputic Massage Terms and Facts.

There are many types of massage therapy and almost every person that exists can derive some benefit from massage therapy whether they are young or old.

From some simple benefits to some remarkable health benefits. Therapy using massage techniques can do things like helping a person to heal better by helping the person’s body use it owns resources to heal.

It can help with headaches and help to relieve many kinds of tension and stress.

Many people use massage therapy as a way to relieve stress and relax stiff and sore muscles. It can help improve the function of the lymph system helping to move waste products out of the body.
Massage strengthens muscles and allows the joints to move more freely. Range of motion is improved and therapy promotes recovery from injuries, fatigue and minor pain.
Massage therapy may increase blood circulation and help boost the immune system. It also is great for stimulating the skin and giving it a fresh healthy glow. 

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