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What You Need To Know About Massage

What You Need To Know About Massage, and More. The art of Massage is an ancient art used by those in China, Greeks, and Latins. It is used to relieve pressure, muscle tension, and pain.

Today we understand that it also improves not only blood circulation by lymphatic response as well to improve how our body fights off toxins. Massage can provide relief and stengthen many different body parts including the skin, muscles, joints, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, gastrointestinal and even reproductive.

The main method of receiving massage is through a professional therapist trained in the art of massage. Today there are many hand-held mechanical aids for those who are interested to practice the art of self-massage.

Massage chairs are also available that contain motors and mechanical protrutions to simulate the therapists thumbs and kneading action as well as the pressure experienced by a professional massage. These chairs are computerized to adjust for your weight and height as well as the shape of your back.

These chairs work on not only your back, kneck and shoulders, but your hips, thighs, legs and feet for all over relief. Massage is suggested as part of a therapy plan by physicians, physical therapists and sport trainers. Massage has been shown to relieve such medical conditions as depression, stress, mental and physical fatique, pain relief for arthritis suffers and to generally aid circulation issues.

In addition to the physiological and mental benefits of massage in therapeutic circumstances, massage has also been used for ages as an aid to lovemaking, taking place in the home as a method to relax the mind and muscles.

It has been known for a long time the connection been the body, the mind and the emotions. Massage involves touching the skin and muscles but has a calming and rejuvnating effect on the mind and emotions of the recipient.

This is beneficial not only in lovemaking but for those individuals who could benefit from feeling the healing powers of deep relaxation, and renewal of energy. The process of receiving a massage in professional settings involves the client being either partially or entirely unclothed and draped with sheets or towels.

The purpose of unclothing provides access to the body parts to be massaged. Draping provides boundaries, privacy and comfort, as well as the warmth needed by the muscles for relaxation.

The table the client lies on may also be warmed and the room air as well. Other elements of the room will be used to relax the client such as lit candles or soothing music or sounds.  

The client needs to be relaxed in order for the full benefits of the massage to be achieved. Generally the massage session starts out with the client facing upward or the "supine" position.

The face down position is referred to as "prone". The client then rolls over for the second half of the session. In order for the massage to be effective there needs to be excellent communication between the massage therapist and the client receiving the massage. 

Communication is used to rely messages back and forth regarding areas to be massaged, pressure to be used, effect of the pressure, comfortable or too hard etc., and preferred techniques if the client is experienced in receiving massage therapy.
The medical history and current physical condition is also taken into concideration and discussed prior to the massage. 


Theraputic Massage Terms and Facts.

Because we apply pressure when we massage the muscles it increases the bloods circulation.

This is something that helps the body bring fresh supplies to the muscles as well as removing toxins.

This is what relaxes us and envigorates us at the same time. 

There are quite a few different Massage Methods including but not limited to these:
  • Anma,
  • Ayurvedic
  • Abhyanga,
  • Barefoot Deep Tissue,
  • Chair massage,
  • Chinese Tui Na Massage,
  • Chinese Zhi Ya,
  • CranioSacral,
  • Deep muscle & deep tissue,
  • Effleurage,
  • Lomilomi - which is the traditional Hawaiian massage,
  • Roman massage,
  • Reiki Massage, and many others.

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