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What to Look For When  You Get Your First Massage

What to Look For When  You Get Your First Massage. You may be thinking of getting your first massage and if so you want to know what to expect.

First, before you schedule a massage, check with your doctor to see if there are any physical problems that would prevent you from enjoying a massage.

You may have a physical problem that would make it dangerous for you to have a massage. There are some things to consider before you get a massage.

It is important to choose a massage therapist you will feel comfortable with. You can choose a male or female massage therapist.

A licensed massage therapist should never touch your genital area. There are some massage salons that use massages as a front for sexual activity.

Be sure the place you choose is accredited and the therapist has a state license. When you schedule you will want to tell the scheduler how long you want to be massaged. Most massages begin with 15 minutes but can extend to 30 minutes.

It could take up to 90 minutes for a full body massage. A full massage would include the front, back, legs, arms, feet and hands. A shorter massage would concentrate on one specific part of the body.

Remember, a massage therapist should not touch anywhere near your genitals or on the breasts if you are a woman. You will be taken to a quiet room, maybe with some candles burning, soft relaxing aroma in the area, and some quiet soothing music.

If you do not like the music, ask the therapist to choose something else or bring your own music you like to relax with. You should be in a private room unless you are having a couples massage. The therapist will use their hands, arm, or elbow while massaging your body.

Your massage therapist will help you decide which massage type you want. There are over 200 kinds of massage therapy.

The differences are in the technique, whether lotions or oils are used, and the pressure applied during the massage. The most common massage used in the United States is the Swedish massage.

It involves slow, smooth strokes and gentle kneading movements. Oil, lotion, or powder may be used and the therapist will gradually increase the pressure as the massage progresses.  

Your therapist will concentrate on your hands and feet because there are reflex points there that match to other parts of your body. The use of lotion or oil allows the therapists hands to glide over your body without rough friction. Some kinds of massages require friction, but not a Swedish massage. It is a good idea to try the Swedish massage first to see what you like and dont like. You can try other forms of massage and even try other therapists until you find one that you like and fits with your likes and dislikes.


Theraputic Massage Terms and Facts.

Basically the Swedish massage utilizes techniques that apply stokes with pressure applied in the direction as the blood would flow as it returns to a person’s heart.

It includes a set and variety of techniques or methods that help to achieve relaxation of the muscles and to help achieve a better and increased rate of circulation.

A massage therapy session is time to relax. Arrange a time when you will not be interrupted by a cell phone call. Allow yourself time to relax before you go for your scheduled appointment.
If it is the first time, you will want to allow yourself an extra 10 to 15 minutes because you will need to fill out a form about your medical history. 

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