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What IsThai Massage?

What IsThai Massage? Around the world, the cultures of humanity have found that massage therapy can be helpful when it comes to treating many things that can go wrong with the human body.

Different techniques have been created from the different parts of the world, and there are therefore many different options for you to consider if you are thinking about beginning receiving massage therapy treatment.

In this article, well focus on a type of traditional massage that has been practiced for years in Thailand so that you can get a feel for it and decide whether or not this specific type of treatment is what you are looking for.

The Thai Massage is actually a type of massage that goes by many names. Some refer to it as the Thai Ancient massage, Thai bodywork, or assisted Yoga.

The Thai massage actually owes much of its technique to some of the basic ideas expressed in Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic medicine is the traditional type of medicine that is used to treat many different things in India.

Since Ayurvedic medicine incorporates the usage of Yoga for some of the treatments, Thai massage incorporates it as well, asking the patient to put their bodies into various Yoga positions throughout the course of the massage. The massage is performed with the patient in pajamas, seated on a mat.

Firm rhythmic pressure is used throughout the course of the massage, and the practitioner of the massage focuses on hitting the Sen Energy lines that are located in an individuals body. The massage is one of the longer forms of massage that you may want to consider partaking in, with the full treatment often taking over two hours.

During that time, many different parts of the body become involved the pulling of your fingers and toes, cracking of your knuckles, and the practitioner actually walking across your back are some of the more offbeat steps of the Thai massage.   

Massage oil typically isnt used during the Thai massage, but some practitioners employ the use of a hot compress containing herbs in order to assist them in their art.

Oftentimes throughout the treatment, the practitioner will use their feet to perform the massage as opposed to their hands, a step that many find unconventional but quite useful for the therapy. 

Many people choose to visit Thailand in the hopes of receiving an authentic traditional Thai massage.
Luckily, the United States dollar goes a long way in Thailand, and as of the writing of this article, one could expect to pay roughly eight dollars in order to receive the full massage.


Theraputic Massage Terms and Facts.

Massage in combination with for instance Reiki can help to lower blood pressure.

The relaxing properties of a good massage has helped more than one person get permission from their doctor to fly.

I have heard stories where people that have previously been turned down by their heart doctor for flights, have the same doctor give permission because of the drop in blood pressure after a Reiki massage.

The massage may be performed on a one-on-one basis or in a room with dozens of other individuals receiving the treatment at the same time.
One could also expect to find a Thai massage in America that offers the same benefits without having to take an airplane trip.
Many people swear by the Thai massage technique, so it is definitely a type of massage that you may want to consider.

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