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What Is The Bowen Technique Of Massage Therapy?

What Is The Bowen Technique Of Massage Therapy? The world of massage therapy has many different types of techniques and methodologies that are available that promise to help the individual that is receiving the massage in numerous different manners.

In order to find out what type of massage therapy is the best for you and your specific conditions, it is important to do all that you can to learn about the various types of massage that are available.

In this article, well focus on a specific type of massage technique that is known as the Bowen technique in order to help to increase your understanding in the field of massage therapy.

The Bowen technique was created by a man named not surprisingly, Tom Bowen. Born in 1916, Bowen was an Australian osteopath who worked towards learning new forms of medicine and new ideologies that could help individuals to get over the problems that are present within their health.

He developed his technique over the years, and people all over Australia began to take notice. He didnt actually name his technique in 1982, Bowen died, and in 1986, proponents of his methods coined the term Bowen technique. At that point, the type of therapy spread outside of Australia and gained recognition the world over.

The Bowen techniques main focus is on restoring the energy flows that are present within the body. The methodology that is used in order to perform the technique involves light, rolling motions and a very light touch.

While not a form of traditional massage, the Bowen technique has been recognized in achieving some of the same results that normal massage may bring, such as a release of stress from the muscles and a sense of relaxation occurring in the patient after the therapy.

A Bowen technique session of therapy tends to take between a half hour and forty five minutes. Patients are usually asked to come back to visit the Bowen technique practitioner for between three and five sessions in order to experience the full benefits of the technique.  

Studies have been conducted that have weighed the efficiency of the Bowen technique when it comes to relieving pain and increasing the range of motion of affected muscles and joints. The studies showed that the therapy was indeed helpful when it comes to increasing the range of motion of patients injured shoulders.  

Those who practice the Bowen technique stress that their treatment can be helpful when it comes to increasing an individuals performance, reducing muscle and joint pain and strain, and helping to rebalance the body of an individual.
The Bowen technique is also surprisingly useful for treating certain problems that may occur within the health of animals.


Theraputic Massage Terms and Facts.

With the advent of massage therapy into main stream hospitals and even onto the list off therapies that insurance companies may pay for, qualifying as a massage therapist can be a profitable career choice.

Especially as the patients are likely to come back again and again to experience the relaxing euphoria that a decent massage can provide.

The Bowen technique is by no means a form of traditional massage, but many people swear by the results that the program has to offer. Odds are, you can find a massage therapist that practices the Bowen technique within your area. Be sure to check the qualifications of any therapist that you are considering in order to ensure that youre getting your moneys worth.

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