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What Is A Hot Stone Massage

What Is A Hot Stone Massage. There are many different types of massage for you to consider when you are thinking about paying a visit to a massage therapist.

Each type of therapy offers its own unique benefits, so the more that you learn about massage therapy, the better chances that you have of finding a type of massage stroke that is right for your personal needs.

In this article, well let you know some of the basics about a common type of massage known as a hot stone massage.

In Hot Stone Massage, true to its name, warm stones are placed at various points of the patients body. More often than not, massage therapists choose to use basalt stones, as they are conducive to retaining heat well.

Also, the stones that are used are often ones that were found in riverbeds so that they will be quite smooth and gentle when it comes to being manipulated around the patients body. A common size for a stone used in a hot stone massage is roughly the width of a chicken egg.

The eggs are placed in an electronic heating element so that they can be warmed to the proper temperature before being placed on the patients body. The stones are placed at several different points on the patients body.

Some of the more common places for stones to be placed include across the back, in the palms of the hands, or in the area between toes. The heat that the rocks emit helps the bodys circulatory system to become more open, which can help to aid the efficiency of the massage when it comes to helping to clear out the lymphatic system.

Also, the warm temperature can be helpful when it comes to making the patient more relaxed during the procedure.   

The stones may be moved around and reheated or placed on different parts of the body during the massage, and the therapist will likely perform many different massage motions on the back with their hands in order to help the soft tissues of the body to become more relaxed and to allow the lymphatic nodes to drain more successfully.

Some therapists choose to do part of the massage with the stones as well as their firmness can be helpful when it comes to reaching deeper parts of the tissue that fingers may not be able to reach. 

Hot stone massage therapists claim that their type of massage is quite helpful when it comes to eliminating several different types of symptoms, including helping to eliminate the agony of back pain, assisting poor circulation, and relieving stress and anxiety. If you are considering receiving a hot stone massage, you should consider some of the details of the procedure.


Theraputic Massage Terms and Facts.

One of the basic benefits of massage therapy is the increased circulation of the blood in any area that is massaged.

For example, if you rub an injured area more blood will flow to the area.

This also means that massage will improve the recovery time after medical treatment.

A typical hot stone massage session will last somewhere between an hour and an hour and a half, and you can expect to spend anywhere between roughly fifty and two hundred dollars on the session.
Be sure to find a massage therapist that is licensed so that you can ensure that you are getting your moneys worth, and remember to relax and enjoy the treatment!

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