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What Are Trigger Points Used For During A Massage?

What Are Trigger Points Used For During A Massage? When it comes to the world of massage therapy, there is a lot that you should learn in order to make sure that you are receiving the right kind of treatment for your problems.

There are many terms that you should familiarize yourself with and you should work towards learning the different types of massage therapy that are available, along with the problems that the specific types of treatment are intended to aid.

In this article, well teach you about trigger points, an important thing to understand if you are delving into the world of massage therapy.

Trigger Points are special points that are found throughout the muscles of the body which are more irritable than the other parts of the muscles. These trigger points, therefore, have been found to be the cause of many different types of muscle pain that an individual may experience.

To that end, many massage therapists incorporate the knowledge of trigger points into their therapeutic programs in order to help their patients to recover more quickly. During Kennedys presidency, a woman named Janet G. Travell was brought in to help him to treat his back pain.

Her techniques ended up working wonders and she was appointed as the first female personal physician to the president. The secret to her success was her knowledge of the trigger points and how to use them to her advantage.

In the year 1983, she published a book entitled Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual which detailed some of the work that she had performed and her feelings on the art of trigger point therapy.

Her writings contributed greatly to humanitys knowledge of trigger points, and in it, she suggested such factors as seventy five percent of all pain clinic physicians having their problems caused due to an issue with trigger points.   

This clearly illustrated how important knowledge of the trigger points should be to any serious massage therapist.

She also stated that many health problems were commonly misdiagnosed due to an underlying problem with trigger points.

Carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, and angina pectoris were only a few of the problems that were often misdiagnosed.

She also argued that arthritis pain individuals suffered was often due to a problem with a trigger point. 

While we are still unsure about our knowledge regarding trigger points and why they exist, many people have found that trigger point treatment is useful when it comes to helping them to get rid of the problems that are affecting their health due to pain.
There are many different ways that trigger points can be treated, including manual massage, mechanical vibrations, and ultrasounds.


Theraputic Massage Terms and Facts.

A deep massage, which is applied with a lot of pressure around the lymph nodes and the lymphatic channels helps to improve the lymph flow.

This is also why pressure should always be applied in the direction of the heart. basically imagine you are moving all the waste to where it can escape, which in massage is thought to be the central region around the heart. 

The benefits of massage therapy for trigger points are completely dependent on the level of skill of the practitioner; to that end, you should ensure that you are getting the best treatment for your money.
Make sure that the practitioner that you are visiting has plenty of experience in the field of trigger points, and it never hurts to have a recommendation for a practitioner.

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