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What Are The 4 R's Concerning Therapeutic Massage?

What Are The 4 R's Concerning Therapeutic Massage. Therapeutic massage is a technique practiced by therapist that has the purpose of relaxing, re-energizing, rehabilitating and rejuvenating skin and muscles.

Licensed massage therapists are trained in the techniques of therapeutic massage so that they can help their clients who suffer from many ailments from diseases to sports injuries in which receiving massage relieves their pain, stiffness, poor circulation, inflammation, muscle tensions, and also muscle spasms.

The techniques that massage therapists learn allow them to use a combination of gentleness of touch with the purposeful pressure and strength directed onto the correct body part to bring relief. This requires training and knowledge not only what to do but how to do it, to relieve without causing further injury.

Those who are sports participants can do a lot for their workouts if they add therapeutic massage to their weekly regiments. Priming, conditioning and warming their muscles for the workout can really give them the edge that is required for optimum performance.

Those who opt to receive weekly therapeutic massage can anticipate the following benefits:

  • They will experience increased circulation which will allow their body to pump more oxygen and nutrients into their body tissues and vital organs
  • Their lymph system which is the body's natural defense system will be stimulated to help fight against toxic invaders from the environment
  • Any injured or overworked muscle groups will be relaxed and softened
  • Any spasms or cramping will be reduced
  • They will experience more joint flexibility
  • It will reduce their recovery time from injury or strenuous workouts and help to eliminate further pain at any workout level in the future
  • It will help to release endorphins which are the body's own natural pain relievers.

The 4 R's of Therapeutic massage are what a therapist keeps in mind when she makes an assessment of her client's needs. The therapist wants to relax the client so that they can enjoy the time spent being massaged without the cares of their world stressing them out.

The client should feel re-energized after the massage because the massage has rehabilitated and rejuvenated their skin and muscles during the therapy session.   

How does a therapist accomplish the 4 R's? A therapist will accomplish the 4 R's by using techniques of massage methods like: Shiatsu, which is a therapeutic massage using the thumbs and palms of the hands on various body parts much like that of acupressure. The purpose is to reduce pain that is felt in various muscle groups. 

The client may feel uncomfortable during therapy if they have really sore muscles that will feel tender as the therapist works on them.
Toxins in the muscle tissue are one of the major culprits in muscle pain and soreness. These toxins are being massaged out of the tissues and this may take time to accomplish.
Swedish massage is using long, flowing strokes that are usually not in the direction of the heart.


Theraputic Massage Terms and Facts.

Some hospitals in the United States are now beginning to treat in-patients with massage.

This greatly improves the hospital experience for patients, although there is still debate over whether the cost of this treatment is justified by the medical benefits.

One study looked at 113 hospital patients who were given massage in addition to their main treatment.

It found that fully 98% reported feeling more relaxed, while 88% and 93% found improvements in their mood and wellbeing, respectively.

The purpose of Swedish massage is to increase circulation and blood flow and is therefore concentrated on muscles and joints. Every client needs to be evaluated on an individual basis because the massage used will be tailored to his or her unique joint, muscle and skin requirements.

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