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The Use Of Massage Chairs In Therapeutic Massage

The Use Of Massage Chairs In Therapeutic Massage. The massage table is the most commonly thought of massage equipment, the massage chair is unique in its effectiveness to massage techniques.

The late 1980's is when the massage chair first came to be noticed in the massage world. The purpose of the chair was to help relieve stress, tension and back pain.

The chair did not enjoy popularity at first, but soon became useful in imitating the Shiatsu and Swedish massage methods. The chair's main parts are the motors, nodes and rollers and the ability to adjust for weight, height, and width of the user.

The massage chair motors are essential. They provide the power that moves he nodes and rollers as well as allow the seat back to be adjusted. The nodes and rollers vary in size and shape and are designed to emulate the therapist's fingers and hands.

Large rollers and nodes provide a more generalized massage experience. Chairs that have smaller nodes and rollers target specific areas of the user's back and can move to adjust to where he user needs the massage. There are those chairs that are computer assisted to give a more adjustable massage to the user.

Most massage chairs are designed to automatically adjust to the Client's needs regarding height, weight and width. The computer measures the pressure applied to the seatback in order to make these adjustments to the nodes and rollers.

The computer also locates the actual anatomy of the client's back to make the correct adjustments in height and width of the client Massage chairs can have options; massage techniques and different levels of durability.

Some chairs have adjustable strength functionality. There are chairs that have heat capabilities.

One best selling massage chair model has 6 motors, 8 rollers, 10 functions, speed adjustment, a rolling footrest, ultra quiet design, a built in S-shape spine detection, electronic recline and heat therapy for the soles of the feet....ahhhhh.  

This chair gives the user the strength and traditional feel of a shiatsu and Swedish massage simulating the hand motions of a masseuse but without having to leave the comfort of your home.

The chair can do mechanical kneading, tapping and synch mode. The kneading simulates the thumb pressure techniques of the Swedish massage around the spine area, which is designed to get all the knots out of your back. 

The massage chair also has features for comfort like detachable pillow pad, detachable back cushion, armrest, detachable seat cushion, controls, calf support.
The controls have manual control options that the user can adjust the type of massage regarding the knead, knock, strength, hips and buttocks, and leg massage. 


Theraputic Massage Terms and Facts.

Massage can help to improve weakened muscles. We are effectively manipulating the muscles into working in a way that is unusual to them and this can strengthen the muscles.

The massage concentration control gives the user control over the massage for the whole back, the upper back including the shoulder and neck region and the lower back, which includes the hip region.
The chairs cannot replace the hands on human experience that a massage therapist can give you. They can give you privacy, and a massage anytime day or night that you need one.

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