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The Benefits As Well As The Risks Involved With Therapeutic Massage

The Benefits As Well As The Risks Involved With Therapeutic Massage. The goal for most people who have a massage is to relax, along with gaining relief from sore and stiff muscles. 

Another benefit of Massage Therapy is that it can also be used to help improve circulation, along with the working of the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes are used to remove toxic materials out of our bodies. 

Some times a person will receive a massage to strengthen, as well as relax the muscles, making it easier to move. 

Therapeutic massage therapy can also be used to help reduce fatigue, and also to ease the minor aches and pains of life.  It is also believed by many that a massage can also boost the immune system, which will help you stay healthier. 

Another benefit of massage therapy that women really love, is the glow it can give your skin. A massage stimulates the skin glands that in turn helps keep it cool and moisturized.  A skin that glows makes the body look and feel healthy. 

There are some risks that can be involved when having a therapeutic massage.

For most people massage therapy is should be considered safe, but can also be dangerous in some circumstances. 

So what are the risks of massage?  You should avoid having a massage if you have any type of blood vessel disease.  If you have any history of blood clots always check with your primary care doctor before having a massage.

If you were to receive a massage and a blood clot was present the clot could end up moving due to the therapy and could prove to be fatal if it got into the heart, or the lungs. 

If you have any doubts about your health when it comes to cardiovascular diseases involving swollen blood vessels or heart disease, you should always check with your doctor before having any type of massage.

Another risk which can be involved in a therapeutic massage would be if the patient has any type of a burn, swelling, infected skin, open cuts, or herpes or cold sores. 

This can be a risk to both the client, and the massage therapist.  If you have any type of back pain, you should also consult your doctor before having a massage. 

If you have a high fever or the chills, you should not visit a massage therapist .  You should consult with your doctor, as this could be a warning sign of a serious illness.

Pregnant women should avoid massage therapy during the first trimester of their pregnancy.  This is because the chances of a miscarriage are the greatest during the first three months of pregnancy.  

For this reason your abdomen, feet and legs should not be massaged.  There are therapists that have been trained in different methods of massage to be used for pregnant women.  They will be able to provide the right technique for massaging the feet as well as the lower legs. 

Of course you should always check with your doctor's before getting any massage when you are pregnant, or suspect that you may be pregnant.  

Areas with broken bones that did not heal properly should not be massaged.  If you have weak bones or have been told you have osteoporosis, you should also avoid any type of massage. 

If you only have a mild case of osteoporosis you might check with your doctor, they may just give you the OK, and give you some guidelines about what you can and can't do when it comes to massage therapy.  If there are questions about the wisdom of having a massage, check with your doctor. 

Most health insurance plans will not cover a therapeutic massage, you should check with your insurance provider to see if your plan provides any benefits in this area.  In some case a therapeutic massage may be covered by your health insurance plan if it is prescribed by your doctor.


Theraputic Massage Terms and Facts.

Massage can improve a person range of motion as it can release tension and help relax the muscles around the joints.

Applying a finger tip massage around a stiff joint for instance can help a great deal

Massage is a great way to relieve mental stress and reduce anxiety levels. It is even better if you can get your partner to do it as it helps foster intimacy, but make sure they know what to do first!

Something as relaxing as a massage can in fact help to improve alertness of the mind because it releases endorphins. They in turn help you focus your mind.

Once you have decided to have a therapeutic massage, the next important step is choosing your massage therapist. 

Any therapist you consider should be properly licensed, and should also be accredited with your state you live in.  All be sure that any potential massage therapist should have gone through a formal massage training program. You will also need to decide if you would prefer to work with a male or female massage therapist. 

Once you do your research just decide how long you would like your therapy session to last and you are ready to make your appointment! 


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