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Massage Information For The Newbie To Massage Therapy

Massage Information For The Newbie To Massage Therapy. Massage combines the use of pressure, friction, and strain upon tissues and joints of the body for therapeutic or personal gain.

Massage has been used for centuries for health reasons especially for pain relief and rehabilitative care.

Swedish massage is the most common thought of massage technique and it's purpose is to relax the muscles by applying pressure to them against deep muscles and bones by rubbing in the same direction as the blood takes when returning from the heart.

Some believe it is safe to apply light pressure in the opposite direction as well. Friction is reduced by use of mineral oil.

Swedish massage can relax your muscles, increase blood circulation, remove metabolic waste and help you to feel more connected with your body's and how you position it. One of the goals for Swedish massage is to speed the return of blood from the extremities (arms and legs).

If you suffer from injuries, healing time can be hastened by flushing the soft tissues of lactic acid, uric acid and other metabolic wastes within the body. It can also stimulate the skin and nervous system while also relaxing the nerves.

It is often recommended for stress management as well as in clinical or remedial therapy. Shiatsu is a "system massage" because it is based on the body's energy meridians. The recipient of the massage is fully clothed unlike in other massage therapies.

The massage involved in Shiatsu is one closely related to acupuncture and involves a stretching and opening of "energy meridians. Some employers, business conferences, and other workshop or social events that a portable massage unit would be practical use on-site massage or Chair massage.   

The person receiving the massage remains fully clothed. No oils are used. Myotherapy and Trigger Point Massage are used for pain relief and to relieve muscle spasms and cramping.

The major goal of this type of massage is to reduce spasm by creating new blood flow to muscles that have been deprived of blood flow due to injury. Our nervous system gives us feedback that it needs blood by sending sensations of pain, spasms and then pain again. 

The therapist will apply pressure to the trigger point for a short duration of time usually about 7 to 10 seconds per point. The therapist may hit the same trigger point several times during a session.
A cooling agent, usually a spray often is then used on the areas. The muscles are then stretched to complete the relaxation process. Many call this technique "spray and stretch". Reiki is another popular massage therapy.


Theraputic Massage Terms and Facts.

Massage can improve a person range of motion as it can release tension and help relax the muscles around the joints. Applying a finger tip massage around a stiff joint for instance can help a great deal

It is a gentle healing technique used to reduce stress and relieve pain and facilitate healing in those who receive the massage by allowing the recipient to become one with the vital energy of the universe by channeling it through the practitioner and then energizing the various body systems on levels that will promote healing.
The practitioner's hands scan the client in order to perceive and treat areas that are sensed to contain reduced vitality.

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