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Is A Deep Tissue Massage In Your Future?

Is A Deep Tissue Massage In Your Future? Deep tissue massage is a type of massage that involves the deeper tissue structures of the connective tissues and muscles.

It is similar to Swedish massage but uses a more intense pressure. The massage is more focused as the therapist is working more closely with a particular group of muscles to relieve muscle tension, knots or adhesions.

During the massage you should not feel any pain associated with the massage itself, you may feel uncomfortable as the pressure is applied.

The therapist will encourage you to communicate with her/him as to your tolerance level. Pain is not the purpose of the massage. You should see results from your deep tissue massage over time. One therapy session is not going to undo knots that have built up over a long period of time.

You may be advised to include a program of exercise, encouraged to work on good posturing and improve how you move or position your body in conjunction with massage therapy. You may also benefit from adding other relaxation techniques to your schedule of massage visits.

Deep tissue massage has the therapist focusing on the deeper layers of muscle tissue (hence the name). The therapist will use a combination of slow strokes, deep finger pressure on the troubled areas (knots) and will continue across the fiber of the muscle, tendons and fascia.

The pressure and friction is applied across the grain of the muscle not with the grain. You may also be referred for deep tissue massage if you have scar tissue. You may experience some soreness during or right after the massage.

Within a day or two following the massage you should feel better than you did before the massage. It is important to drink plenty of water after a deep-tissue massage session to help eliminate the toxins from your body.

The massage loosened up toxins from your muscles in order to get blood and oxygen circulating properly through these muscle groups.

Receiving a deep tissue massage will feel great and is an important part of over-all good health. 

As we go through life we tend to accumulate knots from tension and strain. The deep tissue massage releases these deeply held tension patterns in our muscles and causes them to become "unstuck".

The therapy session is both corrective and therapeutic. The therapist who practices deep tissue massage needs to be thoroughly trained in the physical aspects of the muscle groups and how they relate to the circulatory system.  

They will also needs to understand the various massage therapy tools used in deep tissue therapy, as well as how to position fingers, knuckles and direction of strokes as well as types and degrees of pressure.
Therapists will learn how to distinguish between the different stoke maneuvers and how to apply them in meaningful ways. 


Theraputic Massage Terms and Facts.

Even medical doctors, clinics, chiropractic offices and hospitals all over, utilize massage therapy in conjunction with their efforts to aid the injured and sick.

Of course most people have known that spas utilize massage but there is also a very big area with athletes that incorporates the use of massage to improve performance and help with injuries and muscle stresses.

There are even animals getting massages these days.

They will gain confidence and establish their style of massage. Therapists need to understand the issues behind the sore muscles: the incorrect body positioning that causes neck pain, headaches and emotional issues that will often present themselves in conjunction with the sore muscle complaint.

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