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Having A Massage for Relaxation

Having A Massage for Relaxation If you have already had the pleasure of a good massage, you already know how relaxing it is, and how good it makes you feel afterwards.  

To get the most benefit from your massage you should be as relaxed as possible before getting to your massage therapist, this will help your therapist loosen up your muscles a lot quicker. 

Some ways of getting that relaxation could be a steam bath, maybe a sauna, or just spending some time in a hot tub will help you relaxed, along with softening your muscles, this will help to make your massage a more pleasurable experience, as well as making it more effective.

It is best not to eat right before your massage. Of course be sure to turn off your pager, cell phone, or any other item that could interfere with your massage.  Try to just totally relax, and don't let mind drift off to concerns or worries of daily life.

Most times you will find that you will be taken into a quiet and darkened room; Many massage therapists find that burning candles sets a relaxing mood, and also provides for a pleasant aroma in the air.  As a normal practice the therapist will leave the room while you undress for your massage.

The therapist will after a short period of time, knock on the door to check that you are undressed and have had time to cover up.  It is up to you as to whether you want to be completely disrobed, or if you would be more comfortable leaving your underwear or panties. It is best to remove your jewelry before the massage begins, so it won't interfere with your massage, or break the mood if you had to remove it after the massage began.

In the room you will find table that has been specifically made for massage, and has been designed with an opening to place your face.  Most therapists like to begin the massage session by working on the back, this will require you to be face down on the table. 

You should at all times be properly covered during your massage, with your therapist only uncovering the part of your body they are working on at the time. A professional massage therapist will never touch your genital area or a woman's breast. 

If you find your massage therapist isn't abiding by any of these general rules, it will be best to find another therapists, and also consider reporting your experiences to the proper authorities for further investigation. 

During your massage remember to take deep breaths to help you relax.  It's your choice as to whether you want to converse with your therapist during the massage, or if you would be more comfortable in a quiet setting.  Try to clear your mind during the massage. 

Your therapists will have to give you simple instructions such as "turn, lift your leg, move your arm, or take a deep breath."  Of course if you have any questions during your massage, don't be afraid to ask your therapist.  Be sure to tell them what you like or don't like. 

If they are using to much pressure, let them know, only you can tell them what the correct amount of pressure for you is.  Everyone has a different comfort level when it comes to the amount of pressure that is comfortable.  The experienced massage therapist should have no problem making these corrections as the massage develops. 

If you develop a strong relationship with a massage therapist by using their services often, they will learn a little bit more about you, which will allow them to improve your results.  Remember the reason for getting a massage should be for relaxation, and not cause you pain in the process.

The use of deep breathing techniques will always help you relax, which will make your massage more effective.  Your therapist may use massage lotions, massage oils, or powders during your massage. 

If you know you might be allergic to a certain product they are using, be sure to tell your therapist before the massage begins.  They should ask you which massage oil, or massage lotion you prefer, but if they should forget feel free to discuss it with them. 

As your massage begins your therapist will advise you to relax, and clear your mind, and just enjoy your massage.   

A good therapist will keep you informed as to which area of your body they are going to work on next.  If you have any sensitivity, or any other problems in that area, be sure to tell your therapist. 
(It would be a good idea to tell them of these problem areas before the massage begins, and use this as a reminder.) It might mean they will change their massage technique, or just skip the area all together.  A massage will also usually include a scalp massage, but if you prefer not to have your hair messed up, you can tell the therapist to skip the scalp massage.


Theraputic Massage Terms and Facts.

One of the basic benefits of massage therapy is the increased circulation of the blood in any area that is massaged.

For example, if you rub an injured area more blood will flow to the area. This also means that massage will improve the recovery time after medical treatment.

Massage is a perfect anti depressant. This is because it increases the level of endorphins.

Which is also another reason why husbands should aim to give their wives regular feet and back massages. Endorphins are aphrodisiacs. 

When the massage is done the therapist will leave the room and allow you time to get dressed in privacy.  Be sure to take your time, and get up slowly.  You should try and take it easy for a short time before you try to stand, and walk around.

There you have it, the basics of what to expect during your massage.  Being prepared should help relieve the stress associated when we try something new, and allow you to relax during your massage. 


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