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FAQs About Sports Massage Therapy

FAQs About Sports Massage Therapy. Many athletes choose to have a massage therapist amongst the people whom they employ to keep them performing at the top of their game.

In this article, well work towards explaining how sports massage therapists can be helpful for you by answering some of the questions that people often have about sports massage therapy.

Question: What makes a sports massage different from the type of massage that I would get at a spa?

Answer: Many of the same types of techniques and strokes are used in both a regular massage and a sports massage.

One of the main differences between the massage techniques used in the two practices is the fact that sports massage therapists often perform their massages using a more firm grip than a regular massage therapist.

The deeper strokes used in massage therapy are helpful when it comes to aiding the soft tissues of the body into becoming oxidized, optimizing them both with a steady flow of nutrients and an efficient way of removing waste.

Sports therapists also pay a particular amount of attention to damaged parts of an athletes body such as scar tissue that may have built up in order to help the player to be as comfortable as possible when performing.

When a players tissue is damaged, a sports therapist works to correct the problems in it so that the body can begin to heal as it normally would.

Question: If sports massage sessions tend to involve more deep and firm strokes, will the massage hurt?

Answer: Some of the strokes used in massage therapy may feel uncomfortable at first, but after they are performed, you will feel a level of relief like youve never felt before since the deep tissues have become successfully relaxed.   

Question: Are there any reasons why I should not have a sports massage?

Answer: There are some conditions that may be present with your body that could be indicative that you should not receive a sports massage.

Since the massage is of a high intensity, it is important to be cautious if you have any health problems. Open wounds, ruptures of the muscles or the tendons, bursitis, tumors, or artificial blood vessels are some things that may prevent you from being able to receive the benefits of a sports massage. 

Question: When should I visit a sports massage therapist?
Answer: There are many times at which you may benefit from a session with a sports massage therapist. Many choose to visit the therapist before going into a game within fifteen to forty five minutes before the game starts.
This type of massage can help to prepare the body for the exertion that it is about to experience.


Theraputic Massage Terms and Facts.

There are many many types of massage therapy to utilize.

And there might be times in your life where you will want or need a certain type of treatment or approach.

You might find that if you have someone who becomes stricken with an illness or disease for example that they will need a certain type of massage therapy.

Others choose to have a sports massage directly after their performance in order to help their bodies to build its tissues back up.
Many also choose to have sports massages while they are in training in order to lessen the likelihood of injuring their soft tissues.
Consequently, the use of sports massage for rehabilitation from injury is one of the most often sought-after types of massage.

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