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FAQs About Massage Therapy

FAQs About Massage Therapy. Massage therapy is a type of treatment that can be useful when it comes to helping you to get over a variety of different health-related problems.

Many people would benefit from a massage therapy session, but some are scared of the practice because they are unsure of exactly what it is.

In this article, well address some of the questions that are commonly asked regarding massage therapy so that you can feel more at-home with the procedure and be more likely to have an enjoyable massage therapy session.

Question: Whats with the oil? Do all massage therapists use massage oil?

Answer: Since there are many different types of massage therapy that an individual may partake in, there are some different types of therapy that involve the use of oil while others do not.

The massage therapy techniques that do involve the usage of oil often employ the use of hypo-allergenic oils so that you dont need to be afraid of breaking out after a therapy session.

If your skin is sensitive to certain types of oils, however, it is important that you let your massage therapist know in order to ensure that your experience will be safe and enjoyable.

Question: How long does a massage therapy session usually last?

Answer: As with the last question, since there are so many different types of massage therapy that are practiced in the world today, there is no real set standard for the length of a massage therapy session.

Some types of massage therapy such as the traditional Thai massage can take upwards of two hours. Most massage therapy sessions tend to last between sixty to ninety minutes.

Most massage therapists charge by the hour or the half-hour. If you are short on time but still want to receive the benefits that can be offered by massage therapy, you may want to consider having a partial massage for only thirty minutes.   

Question: What types of things should I address with my massage therapist before undergoing a session?

Answer: Typically, the massage therapist will ask most of the questions that they need to know in order to help you to get over the problems that you are having.

They may ask you questions regarding your medical history as well as asking you about your lifestyle in order to ensure that the massage program that you are going to receive is suitable for your bodys needs. 

Question: What will I be wearing when I receive my massage therapy?
Answer: This is one question that most people have that can scare them away from massage therapy. Luckily, massage therapy is a profession that requires a high level of ethics.
Some forms of therapeutic massage may not require you to remove much clothing, but full body massages may require you to remove all of your clothing.


Theraputic Massage Terms and Facts.

But some of the simpler on the surface signs of health benefits due to massage are things like the skin is healthier due to the massage causing the sebaceous glands to function better.

This helps keep the skin in a cooler and cleaner condition.

This can be done in a private area with no one else present, and when the work is being performed, all areas of your body will be covered with a towel except for the area that is currently being massaged.
To that end, you shouldnt worry too much about the disrobing factor; the procedure is discrete and a good massage therapist will do all that they can to provide a comfortable atmosphere.

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