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Explaining The Different Types Of Massage Therapy

Explaining The Different Types Of Massage Therapy.

Anma is a traditional Japanese Massage and involves deep tissue massage using no oils. Shiatsu massage grew out of this rich heritage.

Ayurvedic is a natural health system massage, originating in India more than 5000 years ago. It is a combination of techniques similar to yoga, meditation and the use of natural herbal remedies.

This massage is performed by two therapists who work in harmony using heated herbal oils. Ayurveda has the purpose of balancing mnid, body and spirit.

Barefoot Deep Tissue massage is a Eastern barefoot technique that combines massage with western manual medicine. Clients lie with loose clothing on a floor mat with pillows or bolsters to support different positions (supine, prone, and side-lying).

No oil is used during this type of massage. Sessions vary in length from just 2 minutes to over an hour. The therapist manimulates tissue, releases fascia and searches for trigger points that tell of existing problems.

Two well-known Chinese massages are Tui Na and Zhi Ya.

Tui Na is similar to Zhi Ya but involves a more pushing, stretching and kneading technique.

Zhi Ya is based on acupressure and uses pinching and pressing of acupressure points. Deep muscle and deep tissue massage therapies are very specific set of movements targeting specific body parts. Deep massage is applied to all muscles concentrating on those muscles who are sore (have been depleted of blood supply and lymphatic flow).

This massage technique has the purpose of restoring circulation and thus achieving healing at the cellular level. Patients who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, neck or back pain, headaches, poor circulation or whiplash will benefit from this type of massage.

The deep tissue massage focuses on joint, various muscle groups and has the purpose of reaching to the deep layers of soft tissue. The massage starts at the upper layer and eases into the depth of each muscle group. Very little lubricant if any, is used during this massage. The therapists will use fingers, flat elbow, opposing thumbs, the heel of hand or foot and the forearm during massage.

Erotic massage is used during lovemaking and is centered on the genitals with sexual arousal being the purpose. Commercial uses of this massage is illegal in some jurisdictions.

Lomilomi or the traditional hawaiian massage is an ancient massage art used by Hawaiian healing specialists. There are hundreds of different styles of Lomilomi practiced with the main ones being of hte Big Island passed on by Aunty Margaret Machado , and the Maui style of Uncle Kalua Kaiahua.

Reiki Massage is a Japanese healing massage that helps those receiving it to feel more connected to life using channelling of energy. It is used to improve health and to enhance one's quality of life.

Shiatsu is another Japanese massage. This form uses thumb pressure along the energy meridians in the body. The client is fully clothed and the massage is done while the client is on a mat on the floor.  

Those who have suffered from soft tissue injuries may receive relief from trigger point therapy, myofascial (muscle and fascia therapy) for flexibility improvement and connective tissue support and other techniques such as Active Release Therapies, Stretching, and also MET which is Muscle Energy Technique.
A popular massage therapy for those in sports is, Sports Massage or Sports Therapy and is used to treat athletes for the prevention of injuries, to enhance their performances on the playing field, or to rehabilitate them after suffering injuries. 


Theraputic Massage Terms and Facts.

A massage can help a person feel nurtured via touch. A couple can reconnect again by exchanging back and foot massages.

The important thing is to apply even pressure, remembering to use small circular movements and a nice relaxing massage oil like sandalwood.

A therapist will use a combination of soft tissue massage, gentle mobilization and stretching techniques to restore function to muscles and joints before, during or following sporting events. Sports therapists work along with other members of the Sports Medicine Team.

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