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Different Massage Styles Used By Therapists

Different Massage Styles Used By Therapists. Massage is a great way to relax, ease tension, and promote a healthy immune system. Massage is no longer just a way to give your body a treat.

It has become mainline and fully acceptable in the modern world. Massage has been used for centuries as is noted in early writings and paintings found on old walls.

It was often the only method used in treating certain illnesses. As technology advanced, massages begin to take a backseat to modern medicine and prescribed drugs.

Studies showed side effects of the drugs were often worse than the original symptoms. Gradually, the medical world has moved back to the seeing the benefits of therapeutic massage.

Swedish Massage Therapy is the most common massage given in the United States. It can be called Swedish massage, or just massage therapy. The therapists use long, smooth strokes with circular and kneading motions and they may also use massage oils or lotions. This relaxing method of massage can be relaxing and gentle. If you are new to massage therapy, this one will introduce you to it in a gentle way.

Aromatherapy massage is a regular Swedish massage and combines it with the use of scented candles, or scented plant oils. Some oils are used for specific issues and needs. The therapist may select oil that is invigorating, relaxing, and stress reducing. The most common oil used is the oil of lavender.

Aromatherapy is especially helpful in reducing stress and helping with emotional problems. Hot stone massage is another form of therapeutic massage and is used to warm and loosen tight muscles. The heated, smooth stones are placed on certain spots on the body. The stones are warm and comforting and can be used in applying a slight pressure to relieve muscle tension.  

Deep Tissue Massages are massages that specifically target deeper muscles and the surrounding soft tissue. The therapist uses slower strokes against the grain of the muscle.

It is used for muscles that are chronically tight, repetitive motions injuries, and helping the body recover from other injuries. Shiatsu is a Japanese form of massage using the fingers in a rhythmic pattern in acupuncture points on the body. The pressure is applied for two to eight seconds. 

This method is used to increase energy flow and help the body regain its natural balance. These pressure points are firm but leave no soreness.
Thai massage is similar to Shiatsu but also includes stretching and compressions. You are moved and stretched by the therapist and helps reduce stress and improve the range of motion in the clients body.


Theraputic Massage Terms and Facts.

Massage is a great way to relieve mental stress and reduce anxiety levels. It is even better if you can get your partner to do it as it helps foster intimacy, but make sure they know what to do first!

Many pregnant women are now using pregnancy massage to reduce stress, relieve backaches and other minor pains and reduce stress and tension during the pregnancy.
Each massage is customized to fit the clients needs. Massage by a trained therapist may reduce swelling. They will be trained in ways to support a pregnant womans body during the massage and know how to tailor the massage for each pregnant woman. 

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