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Descriptions Of Some Of The More Popular Forms of Massage Therapy

Descriptions Of Some Of The More Popular Forms of Massage Therapy. There are certain forms of massage therapies that are more popular than others.

The spa treatment massage has become extremely popular but there are forms that are beginning to get more attention. A massage, considered a luxury has now become a complementary form of medicine.

Medical doctors are recognizing the benefits of combining medical treatments with massage therapy to promote healing and relieve pain.

Acupressure: is an ancient form of massage therapy used as a healing. It involves using fingers on pressure points to stimulate the bodys natural ability to heal and rejuvenate itself.

The body has a natural ability to heal itself. It just needs specific pressure points to stimulate that healing process and improve blood circulation. Pressing on specific points will promote natural healing. Acupressure and acupuncture are similar except no needles are used in acupressure.

The finger points are used instead of needles. Stimulating the points can release of endorphins that are natural pain relievers.

Blood and occupation flow to the affected area causing muscles to relax so healing can take place. Acupressure that is performed correctly will increase circulation, help reduce muscle tension and help the body to relax.

If tension is reduced, the bodies own immune system grows stronger. A trained therapist will take care not to put too much pressure on pressure points in the abdomen, armpits, throat, and groin area.

Special care should be used when giving acupressure therapy to pregnant women or those with recent scars or burns.  

Chair Massage: A massage treatment that is becoming increasingly popular is the chair massage. Chair massage is also called seated massage.

It can be administered in different locations including health fairs, sports events, airports, and shopping malls. Some corporations bring in therapists to help relieve tension and stress in the workplace.

The client remains fully clothed and the treatments take between 15-30 minutes. Chair massage is limited to the neck, shoulders, and arm areas of the body.

A chair massage can be an effective tool in reducing tension and stress in the workplace. It can improve productivity and make employees happier.

Happier employees improve production and that is what a businessperson wants for his business. 

Deep Tissue Massage uses slow strokes and direct pressure across the grain of the muscles using fingers, thumbs and elbows. Deep tissue massage works to release chronic aches and pains.
The purpose of a deep tissue massage is to reach below the surface and dig deeper into the affected muscles. A therapist who uses deep tissue massage must be thoroughly trained to do this massage.
An injury can occur if the therapist does not perform the treatment correctly.


Theraputic Massage Terms and Facts.

A very specific massage of therapeutic value to the cranium called Cranial Sacral massage therapy.

This is applied to the neck and the head. and can be very beneficial if you suffer migraines.

Although some people do report a worsening of the symptoms for about a day or so before the pains disappear for good.

This form of massage is most useful in treating chronic pain after an injury. Sports massage therapy is used both for treating injuries and for preventing injury during a sports event.
Sports massage increases flexibility and range of motion, helps with mental clarity. Nearly every sports team uses the services of a massage therapist.
They are considered an integral part of the coaching staff.

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