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Can You Massage Your Own Ears And Feet?

Can Ear and Foot Massage Work For You? You may be surprised to know the extent the massage of the ear can bring in healing of the entire body.

It releases and triggers healing mechanisms that flow through the body using neurotransmitters.

If someone else massages your ear, you may notice a feeling of sensual excitement. That is because there are many nerves in the ear and when circulation is increased it can influence the way the whole body feels.

The Chinese method of acupuncture has been proven effective in treating alcohol and drug addictions. Its ironic the most effective method so far of treating drug addiction is to use more drugs.

Drug rehabilitation happens in expensive clinics but acupuncture and ear massage can be done on an outpatient basis. This can revolutionize the treatment of drug addictions. All acupuncture points for this procedure are in the ears.

This shows how important the ears can be in triggering healing throughout the body. There have been other cases where the use of ear massage has relieved pain. A patient who did not want to use drugs for severe pain in his prostate area had tried yoga, relaxation, and hot drinks.

None seemed to work for relief of pain. The only action that gave him relief from the pain was to massage his whole ear. After five minutes of brisk massage and two minutes of massage to his prostate area the pain would completely disappear.

Massaging the ear is close to the same reaction you receive when you massage the feet and hands. To begin massaging your ear, gently use moderate pressure over the entire ear on both sides. If there are any areas where you notice some discomfort, go back to that area briskly.

You may not experience the immediate relief from pain as the man with the prostate pain, but you will notice a change if you regularly massage the ear.   

Many people have reported overcoming serious health problems with using self-applied ear massage. It is not important that you know what areas of the feet will help which portion of the body.

You simply need to find the sore spots and work on those areas. If you focus on massaging the toes and ball of the feet they work with the upper body. 

The central area applies to the middle body, and the balance of the foot reflexes to the lower portion of your body. To find out what areas need help, give your foot an overall foot massage.
Note any areas that are especially tender and come back to those areas when you are finished with the foot. Go back and work on any areas of the foot that seemed to be especially tender because that is the area that needs the work.


Theraputic Massage Terms and Facts.

Giving someone a hand massage is a very simple way to help improve calm thinking and fosters peace of mind.

You can do this easily by massaging "up and out" which means you start with the knuckels and move up towards the wrist, and circle "out" and down to the pinky on the way back to the knuckle again, remembering to release as you move "out".

Don't massage sideways, just "up and out".

Start with the middle knuckel by the way.

Use your thumbs, but if it begins to hurt, ease up and use bunched fingers, knuckles or the heel of your hand. It may take a little time to get your thumbs used to working so hard.
Use substantial pressure, if it hurts, back off. Gradually increase the pressure as you become used to the massage.

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