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Basic Terminology Of Massage Therapy Pt 2

Basic Terminology Of Massage Therapy Pt 2. The more that you know about the various terminologies and techniques of massage therapy, the more likely you will be to find a type of therapy that is useful to you.

In this article, well help to increase your knowledge of the topic of massage therapy by providing some definitions to some commonly used terms with respect to massage therapy.

Acrosage this is a fairly specific type of massage that was created by a man named Benjamin Marantz. A vast departure from the realm of traditional massage, acrosage combines elements of traditional massage, as well as acrobatics and yoga technique.

In acrosage, the patient hangs upside down so that the massage therapist will be able to manipulate the muscles of the back and the neck with no pressure on the spine, making it a potent that many people choose to undergo for massage therapy.

Chair Massage this is a common umbrella term for any type of massage that is administered in a massage chair. Massage chairs are typically quite comfortable, and are set up so that the patient can lay face-down with a hole for their face to stick through.

Swedish massage is one common type of massage that is performed in a massage chair, although several different types of bodywork may be performed. One benefit to the massage chair is that a patient is often not required to remove clothing while in the chair.

Connective Tissue Massage This is a type of massage therapy that focuses on the movements of connective tissues located below the skin in order to achieve benefits in other parts of the body. Widely used throughout the world, the connective tissue massage can be used in order to help a patient merely experience a greater sense of relaxation or in order to treat a specific symptom that they may have.  

Exerssage is a specialized type of therapy which works to help patients relieve stress that they may be having that is exhibiting itself via tension in the jaw. Exerssage consists of separate yoga positions and massage techniques that can be performed upon your self in order to achieve benefits such as increased relaxation and decreased jaw tension. 

The Belavi Facelift Massage This is another specialized type of massage. The Belavi Facelift massage focuses on the muscles and connective tissues of the face, and works to help the lymphatic nodes of the face to drain successfully.
The blood and oxygen flow to the face are also increased in the massage, and many tout the therapy as being quite helpful when it comes to helping their skin to appear more young and firm while working towards eliminating wrinkles.


Theraputic Massage Terms and Facts.

Compared to other forms of massage, acupressure can be distinguished by its whole-body approach.

A problem experienced in one part of the body will not necessarily be cured by acupressure applied to that body part.

Instead, the therapist will use her knowledge of the acupressure network in the body to choose a part of the body to work on to solve the problem experienced.

As you can see, there are tons of different types of massage therapy out there, many of which you are probably unfamiliar with.
Odds are that there is one specific type of massage therapy out there that can be immensely helpful for you personally.
To that end, be sure to learn all that you can about massage therapy before deciding on a therapist and a procedure. 

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