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10 Reasons For Giving Your Baby a Massage

10 Reasons For Giving Your Baby a Massage. Babies respond well to gentle massages and receive many benefits from the loving touch of a parent or caregiver.

If bonding and showing your baby is not enough reason to give your infant a massage, there are ten other reasons you should consider.

1. Giving your baby a gentle massage and relieve many discomforts a small baby suffers from. A baby experiences colic, congestion, teething pain, and emotional stress.

There are many ways of giving your infant relief for various ailments. Using a gentle tapping method which helps break up the mucous in the chest can relieve congestion. It allows the infant to eliminate any excess mucous. Sinus congestion can be broken up by gently massaging that area.

It makes the process of eliminating excess mucous from the sinus passages. Using small rhythmic strokes across the distended abdomen can also relieve colic. Gentle infant massage can also help relieve any stress or tension the infant may be feeling and some infants will cry during their massage time. It is believed this crying is an emotional release and is healthy for the baby.

2. Massaging the skin will improve communication between the body and the brain and improve the nervous system.

3. A gentle massage stroke can release any tension in the babys body and allow them to relax for a maximum learning environment. A massage will encourage relaxation, increase their circulation, increase the air they feel on their skin and give them a reassurance the parent is near. The parents voice, touch, and the odor of their parent give them a sense of security. The balance a massage gives them increases the capacity for learning.

4. If your infant is having problems sleeping, a gentle massage will help the baby relax enough to sleep easily and have longer periods of deep sleep.

5. Infant massage also stimulates the digestive system and helps in digestion. It also helps with breathing and a recent study shows a gentle 20-minute massage also helps children with asthma breathe better. 

6. Massage can teach an infant the art of expression. Watch your babys expression as you stroke their back and tummy. You can see which strokes the baby enjoys the most and change your massage routine to fit your baby.

7. Massage helps your infants muscles tone and helps them grow.  

8. Enhances the bonding between infant and parent.
9. Helps the baby be more aware of their surroundings. You can talk to your baby while giving the massage and even name the parts of the body during your stroking.


Theraputic Massage Terms and Facts.

A very medical application called remedial massage.

It emphasizes a paramedical treatment that helps to achieve the restoration of and function of the soft tissue such as ligaments, tendons, muscles that have been injured.

This utilizes many types of massage and includes self treatment at home.

10. Massaging your infant gives them a sense of comfort, safety and love. These are important parts to the emotional and physical growth of your child. Massage also benefits parents and caregivers.
It gives a quiet time of the day that can relax both your infant, and gives your body a chance to relax as well. Knowing you are giving your baby pleasure and strengthening their growth will give you peace and serenity too. 

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