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Frequently Asked Questions About Infertility Part Two

Infertility brings with it a multitude of questions for those who are infertile and also for those who have family members who are suffering with the problem of infertility and wish to gain information to help their loved ones. Let's take a look at some frequently asked questions concerning the unfortunate problem of infertility.

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What are the most common reasons for male infertility?
The two most common reasons for male infertility are azoospermia (which is a condition where there are no sperm cells produced at all) and oligospermia  (which is when there are only a minimum of sperm cells produced). In some instances, sperm cells do not form properly or else they die before they are able to reach an egg and fertilize it. There are rare cases where a genetic disease such as cystic fibrosis or a chromosomal abnormality is to blame for male infertility.

What are the most common reasons for female infertility?
The most common cause of female infertility is a disorder related to ovulation. An other common cause of female infertility is blocked fallopian tubes, which can take place due to endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Repeated miscarriages are often linked to birth defects (or congenital anomalies), which can involve problems with the structure or makeup of the uterus and/or uterine fibroids. Age also plays a role in a woman's ability to conceive. The ovaries decline in their ability to produce eggs as a woman advances in years, and this is most readily seen after the age of 35. 

What is ART?
Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) is a term that is used to describe a number of different methods that are used to help infertile couples have a baby. ART is a complex process where eggs are surgically removed from a woman's body and then are mixed with sperm in a laboratory. After a set period of time if fertilization has taken place the embryos are then implanted back into a woman's uterus.

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The average cost to undergo IVF in the United States is $12,400. IVF is a sophisticated medical procedure that involves highly skilled professionals who are infertility services top in their field as well as elaborate laboratories and equipment. Sometimes an IVF cycle requires more than one attempt and this in turn increases the cost.


When is in vitro fertilization undertaken?
In the case where a woman has blocked fallopian tubes or one of the fallopian tubes is missing all together, in vitro fertilization (IVF), which is a form of ART, is sometimes undertaken. This is also often the method that is considered if a man has a low sperm count. In vitro fertilization offers the hope of conceiving a child to couples who would otherwise have little if any chance of having their own biological offspring. In vitro fertilization (IVF) has proven to be the most effective form of assisted reproductive technologies. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is when an egg is fertilized outside of a woman's body in a laboratory.

What are some medications that are used to treat infertility in a woman?
There are some common medicines that are used to treat infertility in women. These medicines include clomiphene citrate, human menopausal gonadotropin (or hMG), follicle-stimulating hormone (or FSH), gonadotropin-releasing hormone analog, metformin and bromocriptine.

Where can more information on infertility be obtained?
For more infertility contact the National Women's Health Information Center (NWHIC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) Resource Center, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Resolve: The National Infertility Association and the International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination, Inc. 

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