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What Are The Physical Aspects Of Hypnosis

What Are The Physical Aspects Of Hypnosis. Studies have been conducted in which scientists compare the physical signs of hypnotic subjects with those who have not been hypnotized and they have found no significant physical change between those in trance state of hypnosis and those that were not in a hypnotic state.

Heart rate and respiration rate were found to be slower, but that is consistent with being in a more relaxed state. What does seem to change regarding physical factors regards the brain activity that is witnessed by electroencephalographs or EEG's.

These measure the electrical activity of the brain. Research shows that the brain produces different brain waves depending on the mental state of the patient.

Deep sleep waves look different that waves of the person who is awake. Waves of the highly alert person differ from the person who is relaxed. EEG's from those under hypnosis show a boost in the lower frequency waves that are associated with dreaming or sleeping and a drop in the higher frequency waves that are seen in those who are fully awake.

This would support the theory that the conscious mind goes on vacation during hypnosis and the subconscious mind takes over. The brain has two spheres or hemispheres of the cortex. During hypnosis it has been shown that subjects have a reduced activity level in the left hemisphere of he cerebral cortex while increasing activity in the right hemisphere.

Neurologists (those who study the brain) believe that the left side is where the logical control center of the brain exists and the right side controls creativity.

This would support the idea that under hypnosis the conscious mind gives way to the inhibitory nature of the subconscious mind. 

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Use The Power Of Hypnosis And Your Mind

You can use the power of hypnosis and you mind to help improve many areas of your life. You can learn new behavior. The use of hypnosis is greatly accepted in the area of self esteem and that is one of some peoples major hurdles. And as you look into the uses of hypnosis you will find that there is a theme to it showing and that is it helps a person to control some of their feelings.

Whether or not these theories are true or not; millions of subjects report that they have encountered success using hypnosis to control habits such as cigarette smoking, weight loss and the cessation of other bad habits. Hypnosis is but a tool to be understood and used in ways to improve the human state.

Scientists are always curious to explore the unexplained occurrences between the recesses of the brain and unexplained behavior.  

Hypnosis gives us the ability to tap into the working of the subconscious in perhaps the only way that can be done. Theories can be tested when physical evidence can be compared using machines that are reliable to register such things as electrical impulses.
Physical evidence can sometimes be convincing when no other explanation can be obtained for why humans do what they do. To most people the subconscious mind is a mysterious thing. 

Yoga is not a form of automatic suggestion or autosuggestion.

Yoga is used to explore yourself from within, which in turn brings about a state of relaxation.

One can however use hypnotism to suggest that the mind is clear and the body should relax

Researchers have been able to ascertain that it does in fact play a significant role in how we process and maintain many of our bodily functions and is responsible for our memories and our automatic responses. It would seem that if the hypothesis side of science and the physical side of science could join forces and explore the unknown on a more consistent basis perhaps more secrets of the universe could be discovered.


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