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Using Mental Images During Hypnosis

Using Mental Images During Hypnosis. We all face barriers in our lives that keep us from accomplishing our goals. It is important to break through these barriers instead of just giving up.

Here are some steps to help you to do so. First, find a place that is comfortable and where you will not be disturbed. You will want to be relaxed before beginning, using whatever technique works best for you.

A self-hypnosis book can give you techniques if you get stuck. Keep in the back of your mind the thing that you want to overcome.

Next, try reflecting on your thoughts without giving them a set direction. Know what you are thinking and how you think, becoming aware of your beliefs and abilities.

Expand this awareness and allow yourself to be receptive. Now you will need to start using your imagination. Visualization does not need to be perfect.

Start by picturing a wall in front of you in the distance. As you get closer, you may see the wall in clearer detail allow it to appear in whatever way feels right. The wall represents what has been stopping you from reaching your goals.

Focus on how you feel when you are faced by it. Next, figure out why you want to overcome this barrier. Try looking around to the other side of the wall or finding a place where you can look through it. See what it is like on the other side, and what you will be able to accomplish without the wall in your way.

Once you have focused on this, step back from the wall so that you are seeing it from a distance. Next, you will need to know what the wall is representing.  

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Focusing Energy And Focusing Your Mind Is Something Both Hypnosis And Meditation Have In Common

Focusing energy and focusing you mind is something Hypnosis and meditation share; consequently meditation is a form of hypnosis. Mediation and hypnosis both are used to help a person concentrate, focus and relax better. While meditation takes a person into a meditative state the purpose is different than that of hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is a means to achieve a goal.

This may be a limitation within yourself, something learned from someone else, or an event in your life that keeps you from overcoming the wall. Move back towards the wall, examining it closely for a word, phrase, or sentence that tells you what it is about.

Or the wall might speak to you or give you a different feeling. This must happen on its own you cannot allow your conscious mind do this. 

Now, you can ask the wall what it needs to be removed from your mind. This may be a dialogue or some other indication from the wall. Once you know what that thing is, you can reach down to the place where your resources are and you know you can be successful.
Bring out whatever it is and bring the wall down smashing, scrubbing, erasing or whatever feels right to you. Then you can look into the clear place where the wall was and see what is there now.

A major benefit of hypnosis apposed to any other form of achieving relaxation is the ability to receive suggestions.

As an example, if you were to self hypnotize then your whole your mind is listening to you and open to suggestions.

You could then use affirmations to achieve better results that support your goals.

Lastly, you will want to celebrate. Get the feeling of another time where you were successful and bring it out. Once you have done that, you can open your eyes and come back to the real world. Then, go out and do a step that will convince you have totally let go of that old barrier. Enjoy the new-found freedom!


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