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Using Hypnosis To Help Cancer Patients

Using Hypnosis To Help Cancer Patients. People who are afflicted with cancer have to deal with a great amount of changes within their life.

They may need to make lifestyle changes, pay plenty of visits to the doctors office, and experience many different symptoms due both to the cancer and the treatments that are used in order to aid the problem.

Patients with terminal cancer may feel like their lives are very limited, and some doctors have begun to turn to hypnotherapy in order to help patients to live a more full and happy life.

In this article, well discuss the merits that hypnotherapy can have for patients that are afflicted with a case of terminal cancer. When it comes to treating cases of cancer, many doctors recommend a regimen of chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy is a type of treatment that involves many different types of cancer-fighting drugs. These drugs work to attack the cells of the body which are growing at a fast rate therefore, while they work towards destroying the cancerous cells, they also cause many other problems to occur within the body.

Hair cells tend to fall out since they are among the fastest growing cells of the body, and many other problems may arise from the treatment, including nausea and anxiety. Rapid changes in body temperature and convulsive shaking are other symptoms that the treatment may bring on.

Professors at Stanford University are now weighing the merits of using hypnotherapy in order to help patients that are on a chemotherapy regimen to feel better with regards to the nauseous feelings that are associated with the treatment as well as some of the other side effects.

For some patients, hypnosis is the only option for dealing with these types of issues, as certain medications may counteract the effects of the chemotherapy. Since hypnosis has begun to be used in this manner, many patients have sworn that the treatment is the only thing that has helped them to get through the difficult time.

Clinical studies have been conducted in order to weigh exactly what, if any, were the benefits of receiving hypnotherapy for patient suffering from cancer.

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Using Hypnotism For A Full And Happy Life

Everyday in some way hypnosis is used. Everyone wants a full and happy life with less stress and worries. A person can have this. A person can achieve more goals and feel less stressed and more confident and strong. Using hypnotism to help achieve this state will help a person to have life more in their control and in a better place to handle what comes along.

The results that came back clearly showed that the procedure was indeed quite helpful. 125 women with breast cancer were polled regarding their diagnosis and the use of hypnotherapy, and patients that received hypnotherapy were shown to have pain symptoms that were roughly fifty percent as strong as those who did not receive the treatment. 


The women who received hypnotherapy also tended to live as much as one and a half years longer on average than those who didnt receive the treatment. Cancer pain is only one of the many things that hypnotherapy can be useful for treating. The more that we learn about hypnotherapy, the more and more that we realize that it is useful for treating many different types of medical problems. 

Since hypnosis helps a person relax enough to bypass the conscious mind and reach the subconscious level, when properly learned and when properly applied mental obstacles on the road to meditation can be eliminated or reduced

It just goes to show that pharmaceutical drugs arent always the answer to problems with health, and you should definitely consider alternative forms of therapy such as hypnotherapy when deciding what types of treatment you should use.


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