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Using Hypnosis To Break Habits

Using Hypnosis To Break Habits. Habits can range from a nuisance to life threatening, especially if they are bad ones. Smoking, excessive eating, nail biting are just a few that are quite common and yet quite difficult to get rid of.

Many people eventually just give up and accept them as a normal part of their day to day life. Some may result to the quick fixes in the form of pills, potions, or other aids. For some people these will work, but for most the underlying problem is still there and they are constantly struggling to free themselves.

You may have tried to break the habit on your own, but the best of intentions and enthusiasm often fail. There is a way to permanently change habits without suffering from a constant battle. To do this, you must change the way your mind reacts.

Your mind receives instructions from the subconscious, and the subconscious reacts the same way each time through conditioning. We must find the things that are stored in the subconscious and reprogram them towards the effects that we desire.

Once we have done this, our subconscious will send new instructions to our mind and our habits will change. The subconscious is often the cause behind many physical and emotional problems. They result from a past event that has been suppressed by the subconscious to the point the mind no longer remembers it.

However, the mind continues to respond to the subconscious, which never forgets. The only way to change this is to access the subconscious mind and reprogram it with what we want it to have.

Hypnosis is one way of doing this. It has been used for centuries, and the term comes from the Greek word for sleep.   

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How Safe Is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is safe and no adverse side effects have been known to occur when it is practiced properly. One of the best ways to alleviate your concerns is to find a hypnotist that you are completely comfortable with and can trust. A good hypnotist will be able to allay any fears or concerns that you might have.

However, those who are in a hypnotic trance are not asleep; instead they are more aware of what is going on around them while at the same time being fully relaxed. The hypnotist assists the subject in achieving this state through visual and/or verbal cues and suggestions. Self hypnosis is another option, and quite useful since it can be done any time or anywhere that the user feels comfortable. 

It often works just as well as being hypnotized by a hypnotist when it is performed properly. The only real difference is that you are the one that puts yourself into the trance. The most popular ways are using the assistance of an audio CD or tape to guide you through the process. It is also often a much more affordable way of experiencing hypnosis than using a hypnotherapist.

Weight loss hypnosis will achieve absolutely nothing for you if you don't use it to help you cope with the changes you have to make in your eating and exercise habits.

The problem is that if you view it as a short term way to "just lose a few pounds" you will simply end up going back to your old habits when you have reached your goal.

Since both forms work directly with the subconscious, they can be used effectively to cure bad habits and have other positive effects such as reducing stress or gaining goals. They are completely safe, and for most people pleasant and relaxing. If you think that you have tried all of the options, give hypnosis a chance it may just be the thing that helps you kick the habit for good. Remember to think positively and believe it is going to work, and this thinking will become reality.


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