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Traditional Hypnosis And Covert Hypnosis

Traditional Hypnosis And Covert Hypnosis. We have seen a growth in the use of hypnosis and the number of hypnotists in the past several years, mostly because hypnosis is a powerful and effective way to create a change in a person.

When it comes to persuasion, however, it is only effective when the subject has given permission to be hypnotically influenced.

Covert hypnosis, on the other hand, is achieved by using techniques to subtly and unconsciously cause a person to change. The subject is not aware of the persuasion taking place. This is the main difference between covert hypnosis and the regular therapeutic hypnosis.

The two can be quite different; however, some of the techniques remain the same. The word hypnosis means sleep, yet that does not accurately describe either form. During the early uses of hypnosis, hypnotists believed that the hypnotized person was asleep, when instead they are in a trance.

They used the word sleep to help induce a trance, particularly in stage performances, and the custom is still used today. In actuality, a hypnotic trance is a particular state of mind, that while in it, a subject is more suggestible.

Both traditional hypnosis and covert hypnosis attempt to induce this in a person. For traditional hypnosis, the person to be hypnotized is placed in a controlled, comfortable environment and knows what is about to happen. They allow the hypnotist to lead them into a trance and give them positive suggestions, usually in the hopes of affecting some positive change in their life.

It is different with covert hypnosis. With what seems to be a normal, everyday conversation can be used to bring a subject into a trance state by using various techniques. The subject will often follow the suggestions because they are unaware or unable to detect the covert hypnosis, and believe that they came up with the idea.

These techniques can be used to change thought patterns, stimulate emotional responses, change behaviors, or implant false ideas and memories. 

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Smoking Cessation Hypnosis

Many hypnotherapists that deal with the topic of cigarette smoking offer a single visit program in which one visit should provide enough help to make you quit smoking cigarettes then and there. If you find that you are still struggling within your habit, however, the hypnotherapist will often offer you follow up visits for free in order to reinforce the hypnotic suggestion that you are receiving. Many people wonder how a simple session of hypnotherapy can be useful when it comes to helping them to quit smoking. We'll now go in-detail about what you can expect to experience when visiting a hypnotherapist so that you can get a better idea of the process and what to expect upon your visit. First, the therapist will often give you a series of questions that are asked in order to help to figure out what exactly your personal motives for smoking cigarettes are. Next, the therapist will begin the hypnosis part of the session.

A person who is being persuaded using covert hypnosis is wide awake. The suggestions are slipped in by such a method that there is little thought about them by the subject, and therefore are more easily accepted by the subconscious. The persuader is trying to use covert hypnosis to capture the subjects imagination. 

In doing this, he or she can reduce the use of the critical mind, causing the subject to focus on a particular outcome and make that a firm reality. The firmer the belief about an outcome that the subject already has, the harder it is to change, but the different techniques and strategies can be used to almost assure a successful change, particularly if the subject is on the fence.

The national cancer institute has a dictionary of medical terms and it defines hypnosis as "A trance-like state in which a person becomes more aware and focused and is more open to suggestion"

Most of the change depends on the persuader and their persistence and willingness to pursue different strategies. While it can be used for multiple purposes, covert hypnosis generally works best in sales, relationships, and therapy. For a person that is skilled in it, it can offer a tremendous advantage and allow them to get the results. They are looking for.


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