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The Relationship Between Yoga And Hypnotism

The Relationship Between Yoga And Hypnotism. There is a similarity between Hypnotism, meditation, and yoga. These practices are thousands of years old. Hypnosis is more a natural occurrence in a persons life then they realize and when one seeks to go into a state of yoga a self hypnosis is required.

These two practices are different but yoga is not possible nor is mediation without self hypnosis. They are in fact not separable. With hypnosis and meditation a person practices reaching and achieving a state of tranquility in the mind.

A person relaxes, calms their mind, focuses on breathing. With meditation a person would achieve this tranquil state but stay there longer than in hypnotism. Also, in meditation a person wants to let it go, let go of those thoughts bombarding the mind and just Relax.

A person can utilize hypnosis to help enter the state of meditation and to reach a deeper level of it. Additionally; with hypnosis a person can reach the same tranquility level as meditation but can go even deeper. However, there is a difference between mediation and hypnosis when it comes to thinking, and that is, a person will continue to think in hypnosis but in meditation a person strives to release the thoughts.

Furthermore, with hypnosis a person would relax all muscles in their body and this is exactly one of the practices that a person wants to do in the final savasana stage in yoga.

Hypnosis is not only necessary to yoga but it is a natural link. Hypnosis will help in the achievement of a deeper relaxation level during the actual practice of yoga.

A benefit of hypnotism is the ability to make suggestions to a person because their subconscious is receptive and listening. You can use hypnosis to help you reach your goals with yoga not only in the effort to relax prior to the actual practice of yoga but in suggesting to yourself that you can relax enough to reach a stage of yoga you might be having trouble with.

It could possibly make the stage easier to reach as it would be a positive thought in your head. However yoga is not a form of automatic suggestion or autosuggestion.  

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The Medical profession is also taking the principles of hypnosis on board

To help patients relax because relaxed and happy patients respond better to treatment than unhappy and stressed patients, but usually as part of a wider relaxation and wellness program that may include other relaxation techniques as well. Generally, hypnosis is experiencing a wider acceptance as a valid way to help people overcome phobias, anxiety and even obesity and insomnia. And because there are really no side effects to hypnosis it is also much safer than many other ways of dealing with these issues.

Yoga is used to explore yourself from within which in turn brings about a state of relaxation. One can however use hypnotism to suggest that the mind is clear and the body should relax. A person can use hypnosis to explore and discover any difficult or problem areas they are having with their yoga poses or balance. 

Even solve problems with stretching better or having more endurance and strength to say in a pose longer. The method actually practiced to help achieve better yoga through hypnosis is sometimes called hypno-yoga. It helps you improve your yoga journey. The hypnosis can help with your self confidence and will help to improve and enhance your balance, as well as, your strength not only during your practices of yoga but most likely in other areas of your life as well.

Hypnosis and Yoga used together can be incredibly effective at helping people relax.

Hypnosis and meditation makes it easier to achieve deep relaxation, which is a major part of yoga.

Put all three together and they become a mental and physical power house to bust through any obstacles. 

Hypnosis is can be very useful and can be a very powerful tool or method for achieving change in a persons yoga experience or in their life. Each person is unique and will most likely respond differently progress rates. But hypnotism and yoga can be often more enhanced and the use of hypnotism does have results that are of a quality that can be defined.


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