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Stop Smoking With Hypnosis

Stop Smoking With Hypnosis, The Natural Smoking Cure. If you are looking for a natural aid to assist you with quitting smoking, hypnosis may be it.

The theory behind stop smoking hypnosis is that the mind controls the body, so that by using suggestions, affirmations, and hypnotherapy your own mind can be the key to your quitting smoking.

The addiction to smoking is physical however the mind is strong and can be programmed to overcome the physical symptoms while the nicotine levels in your body drop. That way, you will be less inclined to pick up that pack of cigarettes again.

For stop smoking hypnosis, you have to start by finding a hypnotherapist in your area that specializes in helping people with quitting smoking. You will need to go to a number of sessions, though the exact number will vary from person to person.

Depending on your hypnotherapist, you may focus on your future as a non-smoker, where you picture yourself doing things that you cannot do currently because you smoke, or they may go back into your past to look into the reasons why you started smoking in the first place. In either case, you will need to think positively and really believe that you can quit smoking for good.

By focusing on the benefits that you will get by stopping smoking, your mind will become used to the idea. Your subconscious has no way to tell what is real from what is fiction so if you keep telling yourself that you are a non-smoker your subconscious will make this true, and the rest of you will follow suit.

A hypnotherapists job is to lead you through the sessions and assist with planting these positive thoughts. More often than not, this will require several sessions. You might also receive a tape or CD to use at home that includes stop smoking messages. This will help to reinforce the idea of becoming a non smoker and assist you with your at home self hypnosis sessions.  

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Hypnosis And Meditation

Thinking versus not thinking But there is a major reversal when it comes to thinking in relation to meditation and hypnosis. With hypnosis you strive to still think unlike meditation where you try to clear the mind and not think. A great beginning point For this reason hypnosis is a great precursor to meditation. Why? Because as one enters hypnosis and reaches the subconscious mind old programmed thought patterns can be released thus freeing up and clearing the mind for a deep a quiet level or state of meditation.

Some hypnotherapists believe that withdrawal symptoms come from conditioned responses you have heard that it is difficult to quit smoking so many times that you believe it and do not make an honest attempt. Plus, when you fail, you feel little or no guilt everyone else has a hard time, so why feel bad? Your subconscious has been trained to believe that it was an impossible idea in the first place.

Your hypnotherapist will try to break this grip by giving your subconscious new responses that are positive and will give you confidence in yourself to give up smoking. This emphasis is laid on your psychological healing instead of your physical healing. While you are in the trance, your hypnotherapist will point out all of the benefits you will receive by not smoking. When you come back to reality, your mind will be conditioned to avoid cigarettes, reducing the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

The national cancer institute has a dictionary of medical terms and it defines hypnosis as "A trance-like state in which a person becomes more aware and focused and is more open to suggestion"

If a formal hypnotherapy session does not quite fall into your personality or budget, you can always try on your own at home. There are several books and CDs on self hypnosis and quitting smoking that are available for you try. However, if these are unsuccessful, you may want to consider getting a professionals assistance until you learn the techniques.


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