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NLP And Hypnotherapy What Is The Relationship

NLP And Hypnotherapy What Is The Relationship? Hypnotherapy and NLP are closely related, and are often considered coming from the same family of therapeutic approaches.

If you are considering having hypnotherapy and start looking for a therapist, you may find that many hypnotherapists practice NLP to some level, and on the other hand NLP therapists will also be familiar with using hypnotic techniques during therapy sessions.

Hypnotherapy uses hypnotic techniques to be able to cause a positive change. It allows a person to solve problems by putting the person into a deeply relaxed state of mind.

While they are relaxed, the person can allow the unconscious part of the mind to use its own abilities to solve the problem. The patient can focus their attention completely on the therapists voice, and follow the suggestions and guidance that the therapist is making.

This relaxed state is also known as a hypnotic trance. Since it is just a state of being very relaxed, an individual can experience a trance state on a daily basis. It only requires focusing your attention on something highly selective. Even something as mundane as reading a good book and being absorbed in it can cause a person to go into a trance.

If you have ever been so immersed in a book or movie to the point where you can vividly imagine yourself there, while at the same time being able to ignore other noises and distractions of the real world, you have been in a trance. Using your imagination or day-dreaming are also examples.

This can also apply in a negative sense such as when you become overwhelmed by a problem and it feels like all you have or are is that problem.

NLP was created after time was spent studying and modeling therapists who were good at getting good results. NLP works with the unconscious part of the mind in order to find solutions to problems, much like traditional hypnotherapy does.

Some therapists will also use language patterns in order to induce a light trance state in their patients.

Other hypnotic techniques that may be used in NLP include metaphorical story telling and using the imagination to bring about a trance state. 

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Smoking Cessation Hypnosis

Many hypnotherapists that deal with the topic of cigarette smoking offer a single visit program in which one visit should provide enough help to make you quit smoking cigarettes then and there. If you find that you are still struggling within your habit, however, the hypnotherapist will often offer you follow up visits for free in order to reinforce the hypnotic suggestion that you are receiving. Many people wonder how a simple session of hypnotherapy can be useful when it comes to helping them to quit smoking. We'll now go in-detail about what you can expect to experience when visiting a hypnotherapist so that you can get a better idea of the process and what to expect upon your visit. First, the therapist will often give you a series of questions that are asked in order to help to figure out what exactly your personal motives for smoking cigarettes are. Next, the therapist will begin the hypnosis part of the session.

While they do appear very similar, there are some differences between hypnotherapy and NLP. During hypnotherapy, you will often be seated in a comfortable chair or lying down, often with your eyes closed. For NLP, you are required to get more involved on a practical level, so you might be standing or required to do or say certain things. 

You may or may not get to close your eyes, but you will still get to use your imagination. The techniques used in NLP use hypnotic elements but in a more sublet way. The NLP therapist allows you to draw on what you already have to work with so that you can create a new way of thinking. 

A 20 minute self hypnosis session in a warm bath or shower, a couple of nights a week while you air out your bedroom will do wonders with your insomnia, if it is stress induced.

You may, however, still see some of the more traditional therapies used as well. Often, after a hard-working NLP session, you will be able to set back and experience a time of deep relaxation. That way you can leave the session on an upbeat note and be ready to face the challenges of the day.


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