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Kick The Smoking Habit With Hypnosis

Kick The Smoking Habit With Hypnosis. As you are well aware, smoking is a terribly addictive habit in fact they say that the average person will try to quit five times before they are successful.

It is also bad for your health it is known to cause cancer and emphysema, and cause other health problems such as heart disease and increased risk of stroke. However, millions of people continue to smoke daily.

Too often you try to quit, and the urge for another cigarette becomes so unbearable that you start it right up again. You may have tried patches, gum, or pills to no avail. As an alternative, more and more people are choosing hypnosis to stop smoking. You may not have thought about hypnosis as a cure for your smoking troubles.

However, it can be a great way to break that habit. Smoking and hypnosis have gone together since hypnosis became a professional practice, since in the hypnotic state your professional can urge you to quit by going directly to the subconscious brain.

That way, once you are awake, the urge will be gone and you will be more likely to quit. Before you start, however, you may want to look into how smoking works. Start by finding a hypnotist in your area.

The yellow pages are a fine place to start, or you can go on recommendations of family and friends. Once you find a hypnotist, he or she will need to determine if you can be helped with hypnosis through a consultation.

Once they have determined that they can, you will be put under by the technique that they have been trained to use and feel is most effective. Once you have entered a hypnotic state, they can train your subconscious to avoid smoking.  

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Treating Stress, Anxiety, And Depression With Hypnosis

When these expectations are not fulfilled as anticipated, anxiety can result. Depressions can result from repeated exposure to negative feelings. When you are depressed, you feel that the situations are in control instead of yourself. Individuals who are depressed are much more likely to commit suicide or attempt other bodily harm than a person without mental illness. Hypnosis can be used as a cure for these problems. Since most of these are mental issues, hypnosis is very successful since it deals directly with your mind. It works with your thoughts and perceptions, since what you see in your mind is the reality that you will create for yourself. The use of self hypnosis is becoming quite popular as more and more people have found the techniques successful.

Often, this is achieved by making the experience of smoking distasteful to you. Your subconscious can be taught to associate smoking with a negative sensation, such as nausea. If you felt like you were going to throw up every time you pick up a cigarette, chances are you would be less likely to do so. Using hypnosis, your mind can be used to control your body and urges, making it an effective tool. 

With enough sessions, of which the number can vary from person to person, you will find yourself stopping smoking. However, in order for it to be most effective, you have to believe that it is going to work. If you do not take the procedure seriously and go along with what the hypnotist says, you will not be able to be hypnotized. Any doubts or skepticism and it will not take and you will be back at square one and smoking again.

Believe it is possible what ever it is, and through visualizations, and hypnotism you can manifest the success with whatever goal you are trying to achieve

With belief, however, you can stop smoking for good and help friends and family to do the same. Some people even have success after just the first session. Keep in mind, just as with any other quit-smoking techniques; you will want to avoid situations where you would normally smoke, and any other temptations that will cause you to pick the habit up again.


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