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Is Hypnosis Magic Or A Developed Science

Is Hypnosis Magic Or A Developed Science? If you take a general survey on hypnosis, chances are that many people will consider it a type of magic. Often, the conception people have is that the person is put to sleep and then will do anything that the hypnotist tells them.

However, this could not be further from the truth. People do not fall asleep they are put into a state of hyper-attentiveness. They will not do what they are told they retain control over themselves and their actions but instead will do whatever they feel is right at the time.

Science explains hypnosis as being a trance-like state. In this state, a person is totally relaxed and will have the ability to imagine things more clearly while being in a state of maximum suggestibility. They are not asleep at all, since their subconscious is very alert. When used properly, hypnosis has a lot of positive uses.

It can help people to lose weight and get fit, quit smoking, reduce pain, or help with mental and physical health problems. Even developed countries like the United States and Europe, have their share of problems. 90 percent of people live from one paycheck to the next, and 60% are obese. 40 percent are divorced, and only about 30 percent are totally healthy in both mind and body.

Hypnosis can help all of these people. Many of these problems are caused by an inability to train the mind to achieve a desired goal. Hypnosis can help this, by harnessing the power in our own minds and then using it to release us from our problems.

Hypnosis can help you to clearly picture an outcome that you want, and as this picture clarifies with each hypnotic session your subconscious can come up with ways of achieving it.

Once you have a clear picture in your mind of exactly what you want to achieve, the next stage of using hypnosis is to get the subject to believe it is real often by picturing a solid object.   

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Hypnosis Helps With Weight Loss

Hypnosis helps with weight loss because affects it the ingrained habits and upbringing; whereas dieting programs can not. Long term success isn't really even dependant on exercise programs that include dieting to lose weight. Long term achievement of your weight goals is dependent on altering the bad habits and programming that interfere with your success. You dont even have to necessarily change what you eat. You can be hypnotized into feeling more satisfied with smaller quantities of food at a time. And a side benefit is you might start choosing foods that are best for you instead of what tastes best or is most convenient. That being said, if there is a medical reason for weight loss and not simply overeating, then medical help might be needed. But if you change your habits, thoughts, and attitudes you will change your life in possibly some big ways with the help of hypnotism.

When a person is asked how they feel about this object, they will usually be able to say exactly what is wrong with it or what they do not like. This shift in focus can give them a clear picture of the exact things that they need and want to change, and the hypnotherapist can work with them to do that. Hypnosis uses a technique that creates sound; which can easily produce waves in the brain.

The waves carry the things that the mind has learned and stores them so that they are not forgotten. In many cultures, students may be asked to recite prayers very early in the day immediately after waking or just before sleeping at night. During these periods the brainwaves occur naturally, and the students will not forget what they have learned. Hypnosis also uses sublingual messaging to talk directly to the subconscious.

According to a study by the department of psychology at Standford University hypnosis can help children if they need a medical procedure.

The parents in the study reported that the children where more content and seemed to be less traumatised after the treatment than before.

When this is done, hypnosis can cause behavior changes and improve brain power, since the person is absolutely certain what they want. The success of hypnosis can vary greatly. It depends a lot on the expertise of the hypnotist and how willing a patient is to participate. In order for hypnosis to be the most successful, the patient must both want to perform it and believe that it will work.


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