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Hypnotism With Visualization

Hypnotism With Visualization. Through hypnotism the mind can achieve great things through visualization. You might recall the quote, "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." by W. Clement Stone well it's true.

And there are people who use therapy that included hypnosis and visualization to alter their conditions. This is in fact a technique that many athletes use and when properly applied hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis is learned many obstacles can be removed.

In fact sometimes regular physical practice isnt as productive as using mental rehearsal and visualizations. Hypnosis guided imagery or visualizations often include all the senses. Through hypnosis a person can strive for excellence in whatever they are doing by visualizing and sensing the success.

This process is actually very old and even our ancestors back in the hunting gathering period used visualizations. The drawings in caves would be seen as they exited the cave before a hunt and that along with any ceremonies would psyche the subconscious mind up for the upcoming hunt.

This ancient technique of hypnosis and visualizing can be used to help a person:

  • Be more healthy
  • Be a better athlete 
  • Become more positive 
  • Remove limiting ideas 
  • Add positive images

Hypnosis is not in itself imagery but visualization is inclusive in hypnosis. A person is guided through or uses self guided hypnosis to receive suggestions by means of visualizing.

This is with the goal of achieving a specified outcome. This method actually can get better for some people after a while of practice as some people are more visual that other people might be. 

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Hypnosis Can Help Children

According to a study by the department of psychology at Standford University hypnosis can help children if they need a medical procedure. The parents in the study reported that the children where more content and seemed to be less traumatised after the treatment than before. What was ever more astonishing with the study was that the medical staff reported that the procedures were on average 14 minutes shorter for the hypnotised group than for the control group and also that the procedure was easier to perform on the children that had self hypnotised. The conclusion of the study was that Hypnotic relaxation may be beneficial for children who undergo invasive medical procedures and make such programs easier for the parents to accept because they can control the distress caused.

A prime example of someone using hypnosis and visualization would be, a ballet dancer receiving a verbal suggestion that they see them self standing on their toes and then performing a perfect Ange, Saut De L' with confidence and grace. But for a person to attempt to visualize or picture an image in their mind and then get it over to their subconscious is far more difficult to do on purpose. But this is exactly where hypnosis can help and that is with implanting the subconscious with what you are picturing or imagining you want to happen.

A person can do this with the power of their mind and it is worth the effort. Because for a person to achieve the ability to self hypnotize and use visualizations or guided visualizations with a professional hypnotherapist is to have acquired success. And the reason is if you can think it and see it in your mind you can do it. Once you can visualize your goals then you will need some more qualities to bring about the full realization of them. 

The key to any successful hypnosis, or self hypnosis, is that you believe in what you are doing.

And there is every reason to believe it works as doctors are now using it in some cases to replace general anesthetics.

So if a person can be cut open without medication and still not suffer any pain, YOU can be hypnotised to get rid of phobias, anxiety or bad eating habits.

Hence, to achieve this you will need some basic elements to empower yourself enough to manifest the desired outcome with visualization techniques and hypnosis.
And they are:
  • The want or desire that is real and lasting 
  • The ability to believe that it is possible 
  • You need to have an expecting outlook; that is expect success with your goal
  • You will need to have personal self discipline

Believe it is possible what ever it is and through visualizations and hypnotism you can manifest the success with whatever goal you are trying to achieve

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