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Hypnosis To Help Control Your Eating Habits

Hypnosis And Your Eating Habits You know about the connection between food and weight. You understand that you make choices everyday concerning what you put into your mouth and how not only what you put in there but how much, determines how much weight you lose or gain.

Did you know that you could use hypnosis to talk yourself into making healthy eating choices? When you count how many times you make choices about snacks and meals that you eat between say the age of 8 (when your mom starts letting you make choices) to say 90 when perhaps someone in a nursing home may be making those choices for you; that's approximately 145,960+ choices about what to put into your mouth.

No pressure there, right? Our parents, school staff, perhaps a nutritionist, nurse or doctor may try to teach us how to make good choices. No matter how many try to teach us or how many times we hear about the food pyramid or about counting calories; it comes down to a matter of how we personally think or feel about food.

Hypnosis allows you to direct one thought to your subconscious mind (the area of your brain where your belief systems are located). It is so much easier to convince yourself to not eat that piece of candy if your conscious and subconscious are on the "same page" when it comes to the decisions you face, such as what food to eat and how much to eat at one sitting.

Hypnosis can help your override how your subconscious views (pre-programmed for) certain topics. Changing how your subconscious view a topic is how hypnosis is used to relax someone, or help them to overcome a certain phobia, fear, stress, or anxiety.

The ability to overcome these conditions can help alleviate health issues that these conditions can contribute to in the same way that alleviating the stress concerning each meal or snack decision can help free you to see each meal as a separate decision instead of lumping all meals and snacks together.

An example is that most people are under a lot of pressure when it comes to weight loss and eating. They look at each meal as a time of intense stress to adhere to diet plans or caloric count constraints.  

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Stop Smoking With Hypnosis

Depending on your hypnotherapist, you may focus on your future as a non-smoker, where you picture yourself doing things that you cannot do currently because you smoke, or they may go back into your past to look into the reasons why you started smoking in the first place. In either case, you will need to think positively and really believe that you can quit smoking for good. By focusing on the benefits that you will get by stopping smoking, your mind will become used to the idea. Your subconscious has no way to tell what is real from what is fiction so if you keep telling yourself that you are a non-smoker your subconscious will make this true, and the rest of you will follow suit

If you mess up at one meal or snack time, you put that much more pressure on yourself to do better at the next meal or snack time. The pressure increases until you become a bundle of fear and anxiety over what you eat at every mealtime or snack time. There are many who swear that you can use hypnosis as a way to change how you feel or think about food. 

Hypnosis can help you by helping you to lose your taste for fattening foods, allow you to feel full as soon as you start eating, help you to lose your appetite for fats, and also have you craving healthy types of food. Hypnosis can also help to speed up your metabolism by increasing your desire for water and helping to decrease your desire for salt.

A person can use hypnosis to explore and discover any difficult, or problem areas, they are having with their yoga poses or balance.

Even solve problems with stretching better, or having more endurance and strength to say in a pose longer.

The results of changing how you relate to fats, feeling full, healthy foods, water and salt is that you then have the ability to lose weight. Combine how you feel about food intake with using hypnosis to create a craving for exercise and you have a winning combination to losing and maintaining proper weight.


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