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Hypnosis Is Not Just For The Magic Show

Hypnosis Is Not Just For The Magic Show. It is not unusual for the word hypnosis to bring up mental images of something mysterious, shady, or down right magical. You might picture a man in dark clothing with a pocket watch swinging back and forth, or a creepy character with spirals for eyes.

Thanks to TV, comics, and movies this image has become quite popular, and is responsible for a lot of the skepticism behind using hypnosis for weight loss. Despite what you see on TV, subjects who are in a hypnotic trance are not enslaved by their hypnotist and forced to do whatever that person wants.

While they may appear passive or asleep to an outside observer, they are actually in a hyper attentive state. When they are in this state of alertness, they are also more open to suggestion, which explains why hypnosis for weight loss can be effective.

Think of the last time you were exhausted and lay down and that feeling of relief and comfort that you could just relax. You probably wanted to stay in bed forever! A trained hypnotherapist can help you get the feeling back on demand quite easily if you give him or her your cooperation.

Then, he or she can help you to visualize yourself becoming healthier, happier, more confident, losing weight, or whatever your hearts desire is. During a hypnosis session to help you lose weight, the therapist can plant ideas to put you in the frame of thought that you need to lose weight, help you to control your cravings for food, and encourage you to exercise regularly.

The reason behind using hypnotherapy for medical pursuits is that the mind and body are linked together. One will always affect the other. If you can get your subconscious mind to believe something, it will bring about that change. This is why thousands of people, who thought they could never lose the weight, have lost the weight with hypnosis. 

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Hypnosis And Meditation

With meditation though a person would achieve a prolonged tranquil state where a person can calm their mind and relax. The person usually practices breathing a certain way and the clearing of any thoughts. Hypnosis is quite a lot like meditation in that a person focuses breathing, relaxes the body and might even reach an even deeper level into their mind.

There is plenty of evidence to support hypnosis as a tool for weight loss. It has been used for a variety of other reasons: to assist women in going through childbirth pain free, to manage the pain of chemotherapy in cancer patients, and so forth. Ex smokers and drug addicts have been cured, it has been used to solve marital problems and even remedy criminal behavior. 

Many patients credit their recovery to hypnotherapy alone when traditional methods would not work. Of course, there are always those who do not believe that you can lose weight with hypnosis or who even doubt that hypnosis is real. However, these same people will admit drifting off in a day dream, forgetting portions of a long car ride, or getting lost in a book.  

Hypnosis can work as a weight loss solution, but usually it will need to be applied together with cognitive behavioral therapies to be effective.

The suggestions should also be re-applied on a regular basis to reinforce it

These are all examples of natural trance states, and weight loss for hypnosis is similar to one of these. Smoking, drinking, and over-eating are all bad habits that were caused by an improper mindset.
A good counselor and/or hypnotherapy can help you change this mindset for a more positive one. Once that has occurred, you will naturally find yourself being able to erase these habits with little or no effort at all.

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