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Hypnosis For Treating Psoriasis?

Hypnosis For Treating Psoriasis? You might not be aware that health hypnosis can be used as a psychological treatment for a variety of illnesses.

It may not always be capable of curing physical ailments, but you can often use it to successfully enhance relaxation and alleviate pain and discomfort. Health hypnosis can then be a positive addition to the overall quality of life that you experience. Approximately two percent of Americans suffer from psoriasis.

This skin condition leads to an extremely itch rash with clearly defined borders. It is a chronic disease that may be caused by any number of factors, including: trauma, infections, and emotional stress.

Hypnosis can be helpful treating this disease when it has a psychosomatic aspect and is triggered by stress. In dermatology, it has been seen that by giving suggestions during trance can help decrease psoriasis.

Studies show a very high recovery rate: 38 % saw recovery with psychoanalysis after 600 sessions, 72% saw recovery with behavior therapy after 22 sessions, and 93% saw recovery with hypnotherapy after 6 sessions.

It is important to remember that health hypnosis is not a therapy in itself, but instead a tool for revealing psychological and behavioral blocks to healing, and should be used in conjuncture with another treatment.

Therapies that can be improved with the support of health hypnosis include supportive therapy, direct suggestion, symptom substitution, and hypnotic analysis. Often, a factor to the onset, exacerbation, and prolongation of psoriasis is stress.

Since hypnosis induces a state of deep relaxation, this helps explain why it has such a positive effect on the condition. Plus, health hypnosis can be used for all types of patients it doesnt matter to what extent they have it of for how long they have suffered from it.   

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Using Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is a way of changing your awareness that is completely natural. Keep in mind that it does not change the world, instead, it changes the way that you view the world so that you can affect change. Next, you will need to be able to go with the flow of your mind and keep your conscious mind from gaining control. Essentially, you have to let your thoughts wander, much in the way they would if you were dreaming. If you keep on the same path of logic, you are never going to come up with any new ideas or solutions to your problems. You have to face the uncertainty of letting yourself go so that you can find new solutions.

Hypnosis can cure psoriasis because in many cases it is a manifestation of an emotional trauma. Any emotion trauma that is buried in the mind will have a manifestation on the person, be it on the body, persona, behavior, or thinking.

With psoriasis, it appears that the emotional trauma comes out in the form of skin eruptions as a result of the suppressed emotions. Health hypnosis can be used to cure psoriasis by creating a way to draw out the reason behind it and then reprogram the mind to think positively. 

According to research studies and many experts, the best hypnosis therapy to treat psoriasis is one that uses visualization or hypnotic sensory-imagery technique. The results from patients who have tried these therapies has been very promising, with up to a 99 percent reversal of the disorder.

Generally, hypnosis is experiencing a wider acceptance as a valid way to help people overcome phobias, anxiety and even obesity and insomnia.

And because there are really no side effects to hypnosis it is also much safer than many other ways of dealing with these issues.

Keep in mind that hypnosis is not an exact science, and you may need several treatments in order to achieve maximum results. The number of treatments needed will vary from person to person and condition to condition. Hypnosis also works best when used in conjuncture with other treatments, so keep in contact with your doctor in order to come up with a treatment plan that will work the best for you and your individual case of psoriasis.


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