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How Hypnosis Can Change Your Life

How Hypnosis Can Change Your Life. There are few of us who do not have something in our lives that we wish we could change.

However, change is often easier to talk about than actually doing. Hypnosis may be the key to encouraging us to make the changes that we need and want to do.

In a hypnotic state, the body is in a form of a trance, where the person is more aware, more focused, and more willing to accept change. When you are in a hypnotic state, you are not thinking about the change. Instead, you are experiencing it without analyzing it.

This state allows you to go over your inner thoughts and processes without being critical of them. You continue to be in control, but you are more willing to explore your options.

Hypnosis is very popular for people who need help making changes on their own, including weight loss, quitting smoking, or quitting drinking. Hypnosis is also becoming more widely used to improve relationships and self esteem. It is considered a type of therapy that can be received free or at a low cost.

You can do it on your own, with the assistance of tapes or a hypnotherapist, or attend a group seminar. While the medical community is still in debate about the effectiveness of hypnosis, there is no doubt that it is safe.

When under hypnosis, you retain your right and ability to use your free will it only uses the power of suggestion to encourage you to make the changes that you need to.

More medical professionals are recommending hypnosis as treatment to their patients than ever before. It has been used to ease anxieties, break habits, ease pain, or ease symptoms of chronic diseases.

At least 80% of our habits and behaviors are rooted in our subconscious.  

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Using Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is a way of changing your awareness that is completely natural. Keep in mind that it does not change the world, instead, it changes the way that you view the world so that you can affect change. Next, you will need to be able to go with the flow of your mind and keep your conscious mind from gaining control. Essentially, you have to let your thoughts wander, much in the way they would if you were dreaming. If you keep on the same path of logic, you are never going to come up with any new ideas or solutions to your problems. You have to face the uncertainty of letting yourself go so that you can find new solutions.

Therefore, it makes sense that by causing the subconscious to make a change we can change these habits and behaviors as well. It also explains why so many people will fail at making these changes on their own, regardless of the different programs they have tried. When working with the subconscious, it is important to keep a positive light on the subject. 

Do not picture yourself as fat when you want to lose weight instead, picture the new, slim you and the things you could do. If you wish to stop smoking, picture yourself as a nonsmoker and how that would change your life. Hypnosis allows the subject to explore their subconscious without the thoughts of the conscious mind getting in the way. Once we get in touch with this level of our mind, we can control our habits and behaviors.

You can not be hypnotised against your will. You have to feel relaxed, motivated and concentrate on what is being suggested.

If you don't want to be hypnotised your motivation would not be there, and so a hypnotist would not be able to hypnotise you.

Hypnosis can work as a weight loss solution, but usually it will need to be applied together with cognitive behavioral therapies to be effective.

The suggestions should also be re-applied on a regular basis to reinforce it

In order for this to be most successful, the patient must be willing to undergo hypnosis and believe that it will make a difference. They also should be prepared that it is quite likely going to take several sessions before they are entirely successful. A bad habit or way of thinking was not developed overnight, so it is high unlikely that they can be broken overnight as well.


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