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Control Motion Sickness With Hypnosis

Control Motion Sickness With Hypnosis. Who hasn't felt those waves of queasiness and nausea when faced with a change in equilibrium? The fast roller coaster, the turbulent plane ride, boat trip or long car ride.

Many people suffer from motion sickness. Motion sickness is actually caused by mixed signals between the eyes and the balance signal known as the inner ear. An example is when you experience seasickness; you are being tossed about on rough seas.

Your inner ear tells you that you are in motion, but your eyes see your cabin walls that are still. The information is conflicting and the result is nausea. There are a few things that can be done to minimize your discomfort like trying to minimize the changes in speed, or direction.

You can try lying down, not turning your head or closing your eyes. Some people sear that focusing on objects ahead of you can help you to feel less carsicknesses. There are also wristbands that apply pressure to the wrist so they hit at the acupuncture point on the arm. Two bands must be worn; one on each wrist in the correct position to cover the acupuncture points and is effective.

Other people swear by medications like Dimenhydrinate. Research has found that some persons experience nausea when riding in vehicles because of an elevated blood pressure and tightened muscles that can result in discomforts such as headaches, tension, dizziness and nausea.

The first technique you need to learn to alleviate these symptoms is to learn how to relax.

Try these relaxation tips:

1. Close your eyes and try to block out the outside world.

2. Breath deep and slowly

3. Try to create an imagery of a place where it is peaceful and calm; a safe and beautiful outdoor spot.

 Continue to concentrate on this special place. Practice self-hypnosis by bringing up this imagery place in your mind.   

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Hypnosis CDs For Weight Loss

A weight loss hypnosis CD can help alleviate the cravings for food in general or the luscious sweets, while at the same time giving you more motivation to get up off the couch and get outdoors for some exercise. If losing weight could happen just by thinking about it all of us would be supermodels. Unfortunately, we have to have consistent work on our part to achieve it. As well green tea is an effective bacteria killer and it is helpful when it comes to losing weight.

Imagine yourself on your trip and being happy, nausea free and really enjoying yourself. The most important aspect of mind control is relaxation and being able to recall your imagery in any circumstances. A simple hypnosis technique that anyone of any age can do is called: Transform technique. You imagine the symptoms that are causing discomfort.

You then imagine a shape that you want to transform it to. Add to the shape in your mind a color, and texture. Then imagine what size it would be. Start to change or transform this shape into any color or shape that you wish it to take. Then watch as your object slowly drifts up into the sky over the local hang out. Keep it in sight if you wish, or retrieve it to touch and examine again.

Dieting doesn't work, but hypnosis in combination with other behavioral changes brought on with visualizations, NLP or other cognitive therapies can give you up to a 70 per cent chance of losing weight permanently.

Weight loss hypnosis will achieve absolutely nothing for you if you don't use it to help you cope with the changes you have to make in your eating and exercise habits.

The problem is that if you view it as a short term way to "just lose a few pounds" you will simply end up going back to your old habits when you have reached your goal.

Part of self-hypnosis is to claim whatever part of the experience you can and mark it as your own; the rocking of the boat for example. You want to claim that rocking motion. Try to imagine that it is a rhythm instrument and you are making an orchestra. You beat upon the rhythm instrument to the tune of the motion.
Call upon your image any time you need to ease motion sickness. As you control the rhythm motion you claim your part of the motion sickness.


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