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Change Your Habits And You Will Change Your Body

Change Your Habits And You Will Change Your Body. Weight loss through hypnosis may sound too good to be true. You might be skeptical that listening to a few words in your head phones and then watching the pounds melt away is a hoax especially if you have been trying for some time to lose the weight.

Can you really lose weight through hypnosis the short answer is that you will lose the weight by making better choices about food and exercise which probably is not a surprise to you.

Think about why we eat the fast food that we know is bad for us and our waste lines, or why we overindulge in sweets when we know we are not hungry, or why we sit at home watching soaps when we know that getting out for a jog would do us so much good.

The answer is that we are doing these things unconsciously out of habit. Can we change our habits and therefore change our bodies? Here is where hypnosis can come in handy, since it is an effective tool for dealing with our sub conscious minds.

If we change our thinking patterns, we can change the things that cause us to overeat and discourage us from exercising. Hypnosis suffers from a lot of misunderstanding, but the process itself is simple and effective. If the subconscious can believe that you are a fit and healthy person, then you can become that fit and healthy person.

Many people believe that hypnosis involves going into a deep sleep or involves looking at swinging objects or deep into someones eyes. However, this is just media-hype and misconceptions.

Hypnosis is a naturally-occurring brain state where the subconscious mind is more receptive to positive suggestions.

These suggestions can cause you to change your eating and exercise patterns once your subconscious mind has accepted them.  

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Hypnosis And Meditation

Thinking versus not thinking But there is a major reversal when it comes to thinking in relation to meditation and hypnosis. With hypnosis you strive to still think unlike meditation where you try to clear the mind and not think. A great beginning point For this reason hypnosis is a great precursor to meditation. Why? Because as one enters hypnosis and reaches the subconscious mind old programmed thought patterns can be released thus freeing up and clearing the mind for a deep a quiet level or state of meditation.

Once you have done that, you will find yourself shedding those extra pounds and discovering a healthier shape. This happens because the habitual thinking patterns you unconsciously created have been changed for more positive ones through auto-suggestion.

Many people have found this method to be very successful in assisting them to lose weight. Of course, you can do more than just lose weight with hypnosis.  

Hypnosis is now widely recognized as being an effective tool at treating everything from your self- confidence to helping your quit smoking. If you are a smoker, you know you need to stop, as I doubt there is anyone who is unaware of the health risks of smoking. You can use the exact same techniques for quitting smoking as you do for losing weight.

The key to any successful hypnosis, or self hypnosis, is that you believe in what you are doing.

And there is every reason to believe it works as doctors are now using it in some cases to replace general anesthetics.

So if a person can be cut open without medication and still not suffer any pain, YOU can be hypnotised to get rid of phobias, anxiety or bad eating habits.

A person who is fit and healthy in the body must first be fit and healthy in the mind. Everything you do or do not do is controlled by your thinking either by your conscious mind, your subconscious mind, or both.
Hypnosis can help you change your inner mind first so that the outer person can be transformed in the way that you desire. It truly is a case of when you believe you can, you can do spectacular things.

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