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Beyond The Skepticism How Does Hypnosis Really Work

Beyond The Skepticism How Does Hypnosis Really Work. Hypnosis has been shown through many studies to be beneficial to the people to use it.

To skeptics, it might just seem like a lot of hocus-pocus, but there is now evidence that hypnosis and self hypnosis can help people to overcome their problems or achieve their goals. It has been proven to help people stop over-eating and lose weight, stop smoking, reduce drinking, and stop gambling.

In order for hypnosis to work, you have to want to stop these problems in the first place. Normally, you may not be able to overcome the struggle that comes with quitting the addiction, or you might not even be able to admit you have an addiction. But you do need to be able to say or think I want to stop smoking or whatever the issue is in order for hypnosis to help.

You might wonder how it works. Hypnosis has been shown to alter the mind. When you are hypnotized, different electrical signals are produced in the brain, which has been proven with magnetic resonance imaging. However, scientists do not yet know exactly what happens during this.

It has been shown that the state of being hypnotized is similar to sleeping than being awake with one key exception that you remain completely alert the entire time. It is also known that there are two different parts of the brain the conscious part and the sub-conscious part.

Your conscious brain works things out using logic, and makes the decisions on what to do next. The sub-conscious works on a more basic level, keeping us breathing, our hearts beating, and sending out the other signals that our body needs in order to be able to function.

The sub-conscious is also the place where we store our memories and knowledge and it is the part of the brain that retains access to these even after our conscious brain has forgotten them.  

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Focusing Energy And Focusing Your Mind Is Something Both Hypnosis And Meditation Have In Common

Focusing energy and focusing you mind is something Hypnosis and meditation share; consequently meditation is a form of hypnosis. Mediation and hypnosis both are used to help a person concentrate, focus and relax better. While meditation takes a person into a meditative state the purpose is different than that of hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is a means to achieve a goal.

These may be events that happened long ago, or insignificant events, or they may be things that were too uncomfortable for the conscious mind and so were blocked. The memories that are forgotten by the conscious mind can result in repression, which can keep us from achieving our goals our causes us to do things that we really do not want to do.

Receiving hypnosis can make your subconscious mind see these memories differently, in a more positive light, so that it can then get over them and resolve your problems. A variety of things can happen under hypnosis. For instance, if you wish to quit smoking, your hypnotherapist might suggest to your subconscious to make you feel like you are going to throw up whenever you take out a cigarette. Using hypnosis, you can overcome a myriad of problems or concerns.

Dieting doesn't work, but hypnosis in combination with other behavioral changes brought on with visualizations, NLP or other cognitive therapies can give you up to a 70 per cent chance of losing weight permanently.

Personal problems such as irrational fears can be overcome, as well as the pain from chronic illnesses or the pain of childbirth. Hay-fever has been treated in Switzerland using hypnosis, and they reported needing to take less allergy medicine. There are plenty of people who will report that hypnosis helped them to reach other goals as well, from quitting smoking to losing weight to having more confidence on the job.


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