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What Do Scientists Have To Say About Herbal Remedies

For over fifteen thousand years the human race has been using herbal remedies to resolve all their medical problems, but it has taken time to get the scientific world to take notice of the powers herbal remedies posses.

Scientists have extensively tested a wide range of herbal remedies from around the world and found that many, if not most carry properties that may help conditions ranging from a small headache to cancer.

Herbal remedies have seen a revival of sorts in the western world, it seems that wherever you turn there is an alternative medicine store selling remedies ranging from the basic to the exotic.

Due to the large interest in herbal remedies, scientists decided to embark on large-scale clinical trials to see how they work.

What astounded the scientists was the way some of our every day foods were proven to have amazing qualities.

Bee honey has shown to be a herbal remedy that does not capture the imagination, yet carries amazing anti bacterial qualities.

Due to the large sugar content and low moisture levels, honey forms a natural barrier against nearly all bacteria, this is why honey never spoils.

It was also found that some of the more exotic plants used as herbal remedies are actually dangerous to humans if large enough quantities are used, but in smaller quantities they can make an aggressive medication against the more threatening medical conditions.

Scientists have said the clinical trials were a success in proving that herbal remedies do work and that it really comes as no surprise.

The reason why they were not surprised Nature can supply a lot of natural medicinal treatments is due to the fact that our modern medicine is a distant relative of the herbal treatments used by our cave dwelling ancestors. 


An Interesting Herb Fact

Chase the Blues Away with St John's Wort
St. John's Wort has slowly become one of the most popular herbs for treating mild symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is said that the St. John's Wort plant got its name from the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. It is said that the knights would use the plant to the terrible wounds that they came across on the Crusade battlefields. St. John's Wort also had a supernatural aura attached to it. In those medieval days, many believed that St. John's Wort had the ability to dispel evil spirits....

Scientists are looking further into the reasons why herbal remedies work to see if they can use the medicinal qualities in plants for the innovation of new medicines.

There has already been talk of certain qualities in Chinese plants that could have an impact on lung cancer cells.

It seems that modern medicine still has a lot to learn from its more natural predecessor, it is not surprising that pharmaceutical companies are willing to finance more exploration into the world of herbal remedy.

Many pharmaceutical companies see natural substances as a great way of using the world around us for treatment purposes; this also fits in with their business model, as it is usually more cost effective too.


A tincture is an alcoholic extract of the herb in question.

The leaves of the lemon balm plant are believed to help relieve the symptoms of depression and tension.

A few drops of lemon balm essential oil are recommended as an antidote to depression.

It can be enough to "shock" someone with depression out of their state.

If you are interested in finding out more about herbal remedies then it could be a rewarding experience, there are a great many people that have found positive effects from taking these natural substances.

Herbal Remedies have lasted since the dawn of man, and will still be used till the end of mans time on Earth; we need to harness the full power of the plant life and animal products around us so we can make the best benefits available for our bodies.


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