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Try The Valerian Herb For A Natural Tranquilizer

The Valerian herb has rightly earned the reputation as nature's tranquilizer. Indeed, this popular herb is known to calm the nerves without any of the side effects that prescription drugs have to offer.

The smell of Valerian is known to be strong, distinctive and unpleasant, but this seems a rather small price to pay for the effects of this popular herb. The herb was nicknamed phu by the Greek physician Galen, but its official scientific name is Valeriana officinalis.

Valerian is one of the best researched of the modern herbs. It has chemicals called valepotriates that are developed in valerian extracts. These chemicals appear to have a depressive activity on the nervous system.

Valerian has been described as pungent, bitter, dry and cool. The plants constituents are volatile oils (including isovalerianic acid and borneol), alkaloids, inridoids, and alkaloids. The herb has several actions. It is a known tranquilizer, antispasmodic, a diuretic, expectorant, a carminative, a mild anodyne, and it is known for its ability to lower the blood pressure.

The most commonly used part of the Valerian plant is the root. The root is well known for its ability to control nervous tension. It is highly regarded as an herbal remedy to treat anxiety and insomnia. The root is also well known for its ability to strengthen the heart and has been known to reduce high blood pressure.

The Valerian root is also well known for its ability to aid in the healing of wounds and ulcers.

The plant is also applied topically to control the symptoms associated with muscle cramps. Valerian can also be used as an expectorant. It has been known to help tickling coughs. The Valerian plant is most commonly harvested in the fall.

There are several other ways to prepare the valerian root. For instance, it can be prepared into a maceration to treat insomnia or symptoms of anxiety. Simply soak two tablespoons of chopped, fresh herb in a cup of cold water for roughly eight to ten hours. 


An Interesting Herb Fact

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Many herbalists combine other herbs with this concoction. A good choice is peppermint, which can be added to the water to make the taste of the concoction more palatable. Valerian can also be infused to make a hot tea that can be taken to treat the symptoms of insomnia and anxiety.

The Valerian herb can also be used to create a strong and potent tincture. The tincture can be taken to treat anxiety and insomnia. It is recommended that doses of Valerian tinctures are started low.

A good dose to start with is 1-2 ml. Some people are known to develop headaches after using Valerian. You can avoid this by starting with a low dose. Doses of the Valerian plant can gradually be increased, if so desired.


The Ayurvedic model of healing focuses on three primal forces:

Prana, or the breath of life,
Agni, the spirit of light or fire, and
Soma, or a manifestation of harmony, cohesiveness, and love.

Valerian can also be made into a compress. Simply soak a clean pad in a tincture and place over the skin to relieve muscle cramps. A wash can also be created to treat chronic ulcers and wounds, and it can be used to draw out splinters.


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