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Treating Vaginitis With Herbal Remedies

Some naturopathic doctors have described the vagina as its own kind of ecosystem, and this description is not too far off.

The vagina contains many different strains of bacteria that help protect a woman’s body form ‘bad’ forms of bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms.

Bad bacteria that invades the vagina can cause any number of very irritating symptoms, including irritation, redness, soreness, inflammation, burning, swelling, urinary discomfort, discharge, and pain during sex.

Conventional Western medicine often tries to deal with these symptoms with prescription drugs and creams. Many of these prescription medications are necessary to heal severe or chronic infections.

However, herbal therapy is often also used effectively. Alternative medicine practitioners often prefer to use herbal-based remedies to help improve the vaginal ecosystem. The goal of most alternative medicine treatments is to create an environment where the bad or harmful organisms simply cannot thrive.

Many herbal therapies strive to restore the normal pH to the vagina, decrease irritation and inflammation, and get rid of infecting organisms. Much of the success of treating vaginitis depends on first correctly diagnosing the root cause of the problem.

There are two main causes of most cases of vaginitis. Most problems can either be attributed to bacterial infections, or to the fungal yeast Candida albicans. Another common root cause is the protozoa Trichomonas vaginitis.

Before beginning any kind of treatment, a diagnostic test should be realized in order to identify the infecting organism. In the meantime, patients with any kind of vaginal infection should avoid consuming excess sugar, refined carbohydrates, and alcohol. Here are a few of the most effect herbal therapies available for most types of vaginal infections.

Garlic: Garlic is known as one of nature’s strongest fighters of infections. Garlic contains many important antibacterial and antifungal properties. Garlic can be used to effectively treat both bacterial infections as well as candidacies-based vaginal infections.

Most naturopathic doctors recommend consuming a garlic supplement that is high in ilicit. Choose a supplement that contains about 5,000 micrograms of alliums, which is the chemical in garlic that contains the highest infection-fighting properties. It is recommended that patients consume one to two garlic capsules each day for until the symptoms subside.


An Interesting Herb Fact

The Healing Scent of Jasmine: Herbal Remedies Created from Jasmine
Jasmine has long been loved for its wonderful scent. This climbing plant blooms with one of the most aromatic flowers in the garden. The jasmine plant was first introduced in Europe in the 16th century and it quickly gained immense popularity because of its scent. French perfumers especially took an interest this lovely climbing plant. However, the jasmine plant also has healing properties. The scented oil that is extracted from the plant has been used in Ayurvedic medicine as a tonic for...

Goldenseal: Goldenseal is another natural herb that is rich in immunity-boosting properties. Goldenseal is rich in a chemical called barbering, which is a chemical that has been shown to fight off bacteria and Candida fungus that reside in the mucous membranes of the vagina.

Most naturopathic doctors recommend taking two 500-milligram goldenseal capsules one or twice a day until the symptoms subside. Tracheal: This is a traditional Ayurvedic herb that is used to help move toxins out of the body. It is often used to restore a normal flow of bodily fluids.


Yarrow has been used in the past as an emergency styptic to stop bleeding.

These days, Yarrow is mostly used to treat colds and flu's, but it is also used to treat problems with the circulatory, digestive and urinary system.

Use this herb by soaking half a teaspoon of dried tracheal in one cup of hot water and then drink as a tea before bedtime. If the taste of tracheal does not appeal to you at all, you can also ingest this healing herb in capsule form. Take two 500-milligram capsules of tracheal before bed each day to treat the symptoms of vaginitis.


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