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The History Of Horsetail As A Herbal Remedy

Horsetail is one of the oldest botanical healing herbs in known history. 

It is believed that horsetail is also the source of the modern cola seams. The horsetail plant is brittle and grows in jointed stems that are rich in healing silica. Horsetail has been used since Ancient times.

It was used by the Greeks to help heal wounds. These days, horsetail is most commonly viewed as an invasive weed, although it still remains a standby favorite for herbalists and practitioners of natural medicine.

Herbalists described horsetail as dry, slightly bitter and cold. The plants constituents include silica, saponins, alkaloids (including nicotine), bitter principle, phytosterols, tannins, and several minerals, including potassium, manganese, and magnesium.

The actions of horsetail have been described as astringent, anti-inflammatory, a tissue healer, and it is also known to stop bleeding. Many parts of the horsetail plant can be used to make several herbal remedies. The most commonly used parts are the aerial parts.

The aerial parts of the horsetail plant are astringent and the stems have been known to stop bleeding, wounds, nosebleeds, and heavy menstruation. Horsetail is also known as a strong diuretic, and as a possible treatment for urinary track and prostate disorders.

It is also known as a tonic to tonify the urinary mucous membranes. The aerial pars of horsetail are also used to control bed-wetting, and it can also be used to treat various skin problems. Many herbalists also prepare horsetail to treat damage incurred from lung disease.

The plant is traditionally harvested throughout its growing season. In traditional Chinese herbal medicine, the dried stems of horsetail are used to treat fevers. It is also prepared to treat eye inflammations and eye infections, including conjunctivitis and corneal disorders. 


An Interesting Herb Fact

The Elder Plant: A Healing Herb for All Seasons
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There are many applications for horsetail. It can be prepared in a decoction to treat heavy menstruation, skin disorders (including eczema and acne), and to treat stomach ulcers, urinary tract inflammations, as well as prostate and lung disorders. 

To prepare as a decoction, simply simmer the aerial parts for at least three hours to extract its primary constituents. Horsetail can also be prepared as a poultice by crushing the plant's aerial parts into a powder and then paste. Use the horsetail paste to treat leg ulcers, chilblains, sores, and wounds. Horsetail can also be used as a mouthwash and gargle. Simply dilute the horsetail tincture and use for mouth and gum infections, rinsing several times a day.


Menstrual pains and premenstrual headaches can be greatly reduced with a sage, lavender and geranium mix of essential oils in a sweet almond carrier oil.

Some herbalists also recommend taking horsetail in a juice. Liquidizing its stems, and then ingesting the liquid juice three times a day make the juice of the horsetail plant. Horsetail is also commonly taken in capsule form. Taking powdered horsetail in capsule form is often more convenient than taking the herb in juice or decoction form. It can be used to treat various ailments, except for nosebleeds.


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