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The History Of Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies are medicinal treatments that are found through the use of natural products on the Earth, such as plant life and animal by products.

It is interesting to understand what different plant life and animal products can do for our body to promote health and act as a treatment to medical issues.

From the birth of Humans we have been exploring the planet, and all that belongs in it. Because of our exploration of the Earth over time, it is no surprise that our ancient ancestors started seeing the benefits of certain natural products on the body.

We have documented evidence from archeologists that there is proof we humans used plant life and animal products as far back as thirteen millennia ago. The reason we know this, is because of some amazing finds in ancient caves found in France.

Since this time we have honed our skills as a race and found more and more natural products to use for lots of different medical conditions. These herbal remedies were passed down from mother to child for centuries, and formed the basis of our old wives tales today.

Present day

After a hundred years where a lot of herbal remedies had been lost through the ravages of time, there has been somewhat of a revival over the last five years or so. People were still using traditional herbal remedies over the last hundred years, like lavender oil in a warm bath for releasing the stress and tension in the body, but it has only been in recent times that most of the different remedies have become mainstream again.

Due to the advances in modern medicine a lot of people started to veer away from the use of herbal remedies and believed them to be somewhat redundant. This could not be further from the truth, and it has only been this recent rediscovery that has shown that modern medicine still has a lot to learn from our remedies of old.

Many pharmaceutical companies are putting a lot of emphasis on researching different plants and animal products to find the qualities they possess, for use in combating modern conditions. 


An Interesting Herb Fact

The Healing Power of Marshmallow
It is believed that the marshmallow plant has been used to create herbal remedies since Ancient Egyptian times. The plant itself takes its name from the Greek world altho, which roughly translates as "to heal." The root of the marshmallow plant is very rich in sugar, and herbalists consider the plant to be very mucilaginous. The mucilaginous nature of the plant is thought to make the tissues soften. The leaves of the marshmallow plant are often used as an expectorant. It is also known as a...

It seems that most people are using herbal remedies in one form or another, whether it is aloe vera in their shampoo or garlic in their food, the only difference is, a lot of the time they don’t realize. Many parents are working hard and spending less time with their children than in yesteryear, which means less information is being passed from parent to child.

It seems that while we make advances in medicine, we are also neglecting to pass vital information from parent to child. Passing information from the older generation to the younger generation is what has kept the human race growing, learning and evolving into what we are today.


Herbalists traditionally describe the actions of Goldenseal as astringent, a digestive and bile stimulant, a tonic, and a laxative.

Goldenseal has also been used to reduce phlegm, to heal gastric mucous membranes, and to raise blood pressure.

We need to teach our children about Mother Nature and what she can do for us on lots of different levels so our future generations can still respect the world and use the natural products around them.


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