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The Angelica Plant And What It Can Be Used For

The angelica plant is a tall biennial that grows with candied stalks and roots. Angelica has been used for hundreds of years to create herbal remedies. The stalks of the angelica plant are candied.

The roots of the angelica plant have been traditionally used to create tonics that are used to combat various kinds of infections as well as to raise an individual's energy levels.

There are many species of the Angelica plant, and they are often used in Eastern medicine. One of the most important of all Chinese tonic herbs is a variety of the angelica plant known as dang gui.

It is often used in many Chinese herbal remedies to nourish the blood and to help regulate the menstrual cycle. There are many commercially available preparations of dang gui that are now available in the West.

The leaves of the angelica plant are often cultivated to create herbal remedies. The leaves of the angelica plant are often used to treat problems of the bronchial system as well as to treat indigestion problems. The leaves of the angelica plant are often considered to be the gentlest part of the plant.

Herbalists to create herbal remedies usually harvest them in summer. The root of the angelica plant is also widely used to create herbal remedies. For instance, the root is often used to create the traditional Chinese remedy, dang gui.

The root is often used to treat problems related to anemia and menstrual pain. Angelica root can also be prepared as a tonic that can be used after childbirth.  


An Interesting Herb Fact

The Healing Scent of Jasmine: Herbal Remedies Created from Jasmine
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The root of the angelica plant is also known to be helpful in treating liver stagnation that is caused by both too many toxins and low energy. The root has also been used in herbal remedies to treat the symptoms of liver cirrhosis. Other common uses of the angelica root include treating constipation in older people. The root of other varieties of the angelica plant is also used to treat bronchial problems and digestive problems. The root is also used to treat rheumatism, arthritis, and treating influenza.

The leaves of the angelica plant can be used to create several kinds of herbal remedies. They can be infused and taken as a hot tea to treat indigestion. They can also be prepared in a tincture to treat bronchitis. Most herbalists recommend taking the angelica plant tincture up to 3 ml a day. It can also be incorporated into a cream that can be applied to all kinds of skin irritations.


The plant milk thistle got its name because it has traditionally been used to stimulate milk flow from nursing mothers.

The plant's scientific name is Silybum marianus and it has been used to make healing herbal remedies since the Middle Ages.

The root of the angelica plant can also be turned into a tincture that is used to treat chest coughs, digestive problems, release bronchial phlegm, and to operate as a liver stimulant. The root can also be used to make a compress that is used to treat painful rheumatism or joint pain related to arthritis. The root o the angelica plant can also be used to make a massage oil by diluting drops of angelical oil with another oil, such as sunflower oil, and applying on pained joints.


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