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Plantar Warts Relief With Easy Herbal Remedies

Most everyone will agree that plantar warts are unsightly things that live on the bottom of your foot. If you have ever had a plantar wart, then you are probably much too familiar with it already.

For those fortunate enough not to have such an experience, it is well worth exploring how such a devilish thing comes into existence in the first place. A planter wart stems from a kind of virus that forms warts.

It takes over your genes, your very own DNA, and forces them to produce more viruses and certain virus-carrying cells. These viruses may even force your body to supply the area around the plantar wart with its own set of blood vessels and nerves.

What happens when the virus takes over? The result of this type of virus is plantar wart that eventually becomes covered with calluses. A plantar wart sounds big and hulking, but it can actually be as small as a pinhead, or grow as big as a quarter.

Regardless of its size, a plantar wart normally follows the same growth pattern and appearance. Most plantar warts have tiny brown, red or black spots. In the case of most plantar warts, these are usually just blood vessels.

A lone plantar wart may appear, or they may pop up in herds. Regardless, plantar warts usually take up residence in the same general area of the foot. Usually, plantar warts appear to prefer the ball of the foot, or the heel of the foot. As you can imagine, plantar warts can make walking quite painful.  


An Interesting Herb Fact

Echinacea: Cure to the Common Cold?
Perhaps the most famous herbal remedies these days are made from the Echinacea flower. Native Americans have traditionally used Echinacea to treat colds, fevers, snakebites, and stubborn wounds. It is believed that the early settlers adopted the Echinacea plant early on as a popular home remedy to treat colds and influenza. The plant was a popular choice with the 19th century Eclectics. In recent years, Echinacea has grown immensely in popularity for its antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial...

Most podiatrists can remove plantar warts, but once removed, there is no sure guarantee that it will not return, or bring more friends. Most plantar warts in fact do return. This is because that pesky virus that lives inside of you causes them.

Most herbalists and naturopathic physicians agree that one of the best ways to prevent plantar warts is to strengthen the immune system through herbal and nutritional therapies. Here are some ideas about how you can keep plantar warts at bay if you know you are prone to developing them.

Garlic: Many herbalists recommend putting a fresh clove of garlic directly on the planter wart. Many herbalists swear that this all-natural method can result in the disappearance of the planter wart within ten days. First, mash the fresh garlic clove into a pulp, and then place the pulp directly over the wart. Use an adhesive bandage to keep the garlic in place. This treatment is recommended for bedtime, when you can also place a sock over the affected area.


Lots of herbs have anti bacterial properties, including Echinacea.

Milk thistle capsules can be taken before drinking alcohol in order to combat hangovers.

Tea tree oil: If garlic is not feasible, try tea tree essential oil. This is a powerful herbal antiseptic that is used to treat many skin infections and problems. Tea tree essential oil is also a strong antiviral agent, and it can help get rid of plantar warts. Simply apply a few drops of tea tree essential oil directly onto the plantar wart each day. You should cease this treatment if no improvement is visible after three to four months after the initial date of treatment.


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